Top 10 Best Gold And Diamond Jewellery Brands In India

When it is about Gold and Diamond jewellery, no country can have it better than India. Why? Of course, because only this country has the biggest diversity in jewellery making from South to North and, why forget the love of ladies here for Gold and Diamond jewellery that makes this business prosper every year here in India.

So, revealing the top ten brands in the Gold and Diamond jewellery making in 2020, here is the compiled list.

Gold Diamond Jewellery Brands

10. Amrapali

Founded way back in 1978, the brand had started its first showroom in Jaipur, but it is now spread all over India, including some cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Udaipur, etc. The speciality of Amrapali is their uncut gemstones and gold jewelleries. To know more about their product and services, you can visit the website,

9. Senco

Being most trusted and most bought jeweller among the others, Senco is the brand name that 45 plus retail brands and a turnover of Rs. 900 crore. They are the most recognized for their gold and diamond bridal pieces. Their official website is from where you can grab more information regarding their outlets, prices, and products.

8. Josco Group

Instead of being the largest jewellers marked for their good quality and BIS hallmarked Diamond, Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelleries, this brand is even the highest taxpayer of Kerala government. The brand is originally based in Kerala, but the outlets can be spotted everywhere in India. The website of Josco is

7. Kalyan Jewellers

Women can never forget the name in India as they are amongst the most visited jewellers for authentic gold jewelleries, mostly the wedding jewelleries. Kalyan jewellers has Thrissur as their birthplace but their retail stores are present worldwide, including UAE, Kuwait and India. Their official website is .

6. TBZ

TBZ in their stands for Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri and you have never missed their TV ads for sure. Yes, they are the same and 23 plus retail stores all across the country. Their story started way back in 1864 in the famous Zaveri Bazaar of Mumbai. They are leading provider of all types of jewelleries and they also buy back policy for gold. Their website is

5. PC Chandra

With 30 plus stores in India, they have a golden period of 75 years of serving Indian women with masterpieces in Gold and Diamond jewelleries. They are famous for wedding jewelleries and astrological gemstones. They deal in all ranging from Silver to Platinum. For more information, you can visit 

4. Bhima Jewellers

A trusted jewellery brand from South, Bhima jewellers have now marked their footsteps all over India. They are having a great journey since they incepted in 1925. They currently own 30 retail stores, including a few in Sharjah and Dubai. Their website is from where you can get the information that what type of jewellery they make, etc.

3. Malabar Jewellers

You must have seen the ads of Malabar jewellers on TV for sure, and let me tell you that, they have a turnover of Rs 12000 crore. The brand is the most successful and ranked third jewellery brand of India in 2020. They first had their showroom in Calicut (Now Kolkata) in 1993. Since then, their journey started and they came out as the 100% trusted jewellers with BIS hallmarks on each of their products. Their website is

2. P C Jewellers

The brand started its journey in 2005 in Delhi, and so soon, it labelled itself at the number two among the souvenir. Their line of product includes the affordable range of gold and diamond jewelleries for all. The products are of latest designs and inspiration. They have approximate 55 plus showrooms and they have recently joined the e-commerce bandwagon with wearyourshine portal. However, their official website remains and you can grab ample information from here.

1. Tanishq Jewellers

Securing the number one on the list, Tanishq is ISO 9001:2008 certified brand that is Bangalore based. Currently, they are offering their authentic services through their 150 plus retails stores spread in all over India. They deal in authentic and traditional gold and diamond jewellery making and their factory is based in Tamil Nadu. To get more information about the Tanishq, you can visit their official website that is

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