Top 10 Best Highest Paid Jobs For Women

Women are now matching with the men in the professional life. It does not matter which field they go to, they are equally responsible and respected for their job. However when it comes to the salary, things might change. Close observations on the market have showed the trend that women are not heavily paid in every field. However, there are certain fields that are considered highly paid jobs for the women. Here are the Top 10 highest paying jobs for women.

10. Pharmacist


A Pharmacist is the one who manages and dispenses prescribed medicines. It is a common myth that Pharmacists can only work in Drug Stores. They are recruited in hospitals and clinics as well. They are even authorized to advice on the usages of medicine.

9. Nurse


Registered nurse jobs are immensely responsible and respected jobs. They are qualified nurses who look after the patients during their stay. They are the virtual doctors in the absence of the doctors. Nurses are highly paid jobs.

8. Teacher


They are the makers of the society and future. Teachers’ jobs are highly responsible jobs and highly paid as well. One can apply to various levels of schools depending upon the qualifications they have.

7. Professor


It’s a one step ahead of the teachers. One can become a professor in college and universities to teach and grow the students. The role has much more responsibilities and scopes. One can get involved in research and other stuff as well. This is a highly paid job.

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is the new future and has a lot of opportunities. It is nicely paid job and has various directions.

5. Accountant


The job of an accountant is the job of financial operations for any firm or organizations. It is one of the most respectable jobs which also provides career opportunities and scopes. The highly paid job is known for its flexibility and exposure.

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4. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers are one of the most professionals in the world. Women choosing the Fashion Designing as the career option do not only get high wages but also exposure to the world of glamour and luxurious life. However, one needs to be very passionate about her work to shine in the profession among many.

3. Lawyers


Well, this is a profession of counseling. A Lawyer represents an individual or firm or government organizations in legal disputes. They are the one who provide legal assistance to the clients and can earn huge amount of money as per the credibility.

2. Information System Manager

Information System Manager

If you are looking for a profession that will give you huge industry exposure and high salary then it should be the right choice. Information Technology is still on the rise and the opportunities are still available to reach to the top most position.

1. Doctor


This is one of most highly paid jobs for women. One can pursue medical course and can become a Physician or Surgeon or others as per the interest. One can get a job in a government-owned hospitals or Privately owned hospitals as well.

All the high paid jobs are equally famous for their decent salaries and wide career opportunities associated.

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