Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

ecurity is very essential aspect to take into consideration in every country. Intelligence Agencies in every nation ensures peace by collecting information from their enemies, analyzing them and alert the country in case of any treat to take immediate action as soon as possible. Technology for intelligence for over years have being growing rapidly to ensure maximum efficiency of their works. Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In the world are:

10.ASIS Australia Intelligence Agency

This Australian intelligence agency works under great confidentiality. It was established in 1952. Their work demands greatest level of dedication, lots of professionalism and integrity. They work in Australia is to perform all counter intelligence activities. They also responsible for gathering overseas intelligence. ASIS Australia Intelligence Agency also works in hand with other foreign intelligence so as to share ideas especially from developed countries such as United States.

ASIS Australia Intelligence Agency

9.FSB Russia Intelligence Agency

This entity was established in 1995. Their major role is ensure the internal security is maintained in the Russia Nation. They work against any planned crimes and terrorism. They also protect the country from drug smuggling and arrest whoever they involved in the act. They work in hand with Federal Border Service guards to oversee the border security from intruders. This prevents unnecessary camping which might result to harboring of their enemies.

8.BND Germany Intelligence Agency

This Germany Federation Intelligence service was created in 1956 after World War II. This is a foreign intelligence that’s works externally in Germany. They have played a vital role during Israel and Lebanon War. This had resulted in prisoner swapping. Additionally, they have curbed any spying allegations by journalists. They work in hand with US intelligence counterpart in Middle East investigation.

7.ISI Pakistan Intelligence Agency

It is also known as Directorate for inter-service intelligence agency. The body was established in 1948. Most of its processes are done systematically. This is most aggressive intelligent agency based on the work they have done to attract their enemies back. Their work is the pride of the entire Pakistan nation. They have also in the past collaborated with Afghan Mujahideen to fight back their enemy USSR. This entity has been growing over years.

6.DGSE France Intelligence Agency

DGSE France Intelligence Agency they are responsible for peripheral security in France. They perform their task under Defense Ministry. Their main task is hostage intelligence. Also, they collect data concerning other external terrorist cells and formations. It was established in 1982 from which then they had various achievements. Among their achievements is their role in coup de ’tat attempt on Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa.

5.MSS China Intelligence Agency

China is known for its great industrial development. They are believed to employ several tactics including cyber spying. Through this, they have access the most sensitive information. Also, they gain contact with most of the foreign agencies. The aim of this intelligence agency is to maintain the highest level of security thus safeguarding the rapid growth in their economic. They also employ international students to gather information from foreign countries.

4.RAW India Intelligence Agency

This intelligence agency was established in 1968. They ensure external security for Indians. External intelligence in India include protection from nuclear programs. They also collect data from foreign countries, what they are planning and their targets. They experimented many operations that have come out successfully. Additionally, this agency played major role in ELINT operations. It was also part of those who acted against LTTE of Srilanka.

3.Mossad Israel Intelligence Agency

Mossad Intelligence Agency is national intelligence agency in Israel. It is very essential organization as it takes its orders from Prime Minister and reports only to him. Their main task is about espionage, intelligence collections and also uncover concealed political activities of other countries. They also protect Jews alongside their beliefs all over the world as well as bringing them back to their native country.

2.MI6 United Kingdom Intelligence Agency

The MI6 was established in 1909. It is very popular all over the world for its stunning performance. The agency is responsible for external intelligence in United Kingdom. They employ modern technology in their operations. This results in advanced security measures. They took part in both First World War and World War II.

Best Intelligence Agencies In the world

1.CIA United State of America Intelligence Agency

CIA United State of America Intelligence Agency was established after end of Second World War. They collects information about their government and their individual enemies. They later analyze these facts and use to counter terrorist attacks before they are executed. They work together with other intelligent agencies in US such as the FBI. Their tactics and intelligence collection techniques makes them the best intelligence agency in the world.

Best Intelligence Agencies In the world

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