Top 10 Best Juicer Brands in the World 2015

If you are looking forward to gift something to your health conscious friend, then you may consider gifting a juicer. This can be healthy and wise gift for your friend. There are tons of brands for juicers in the market and it may leave you confused. Let us look at the top 10 brands of juicers.

10. Philips

Philips Juicer

This is undoubtedly one of the highly popular brands for juicers across the globe. It is available in various sizes and you can select the one that meets your requirements. You can easily make the juice for your morning breakfast by simply inserting the pieces of fruits in the tube and with a press of a button, the juice is ready.

9. Santos Classic Juicer

Santos Classic Juicer

This brand is known for offering stylish and colorful juicers. This will simply add glamor to the collection of your kitchen appliances. It also features a high speed motor. This means, the fruits that you insert via its tube can extract maximum juice.

8. Dualit

Dualit Juicer

This is one of the oldest brands and is also known for offering juicers that are heavy in weight. If you have a large kitchen, you can dedicate a separate space for the juicer. Besides, the high quality materials simply enhance its durability.

7. Samson

Samson Juicer

Don’t reject the juicers of this brand for old style and design. Check out the quality of the product and the service that it provides. This brand is known for offering juicers that can help you extract maximum juice for the fruits. In addition, you can use some of its juicers to grind coffee and ice creams.

6. Cuisinart

Cuisinart Juicer

This is another brand that offers less attractive juicers in terms of design and style. But you can definitely rely on these juicers for its service and quality of product. Besides, the locking mechanism ensures that juice is less spilled over the places, making your kitchen less messy.

5. Logik

Logik Juicer

If you are looking for low-cost juicers that is less stylish, then you can prefer for juicers of Logik. There are various models available with different levels of capacity.

4. L’Equip Omni Juicer

LEquip Omni Juicer

Durable and powerful, the L’Equip juicers are assembled with high quality components. Be it fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass or more such items, the juicer can withstand all.

3. Breville

Breville Juicer

This is another popular brand for juicers. It boasts of a compact and lightweight design. This means, it occupies less space and is also easy to clean.

2. Omega

Omega Juicer

If you are the one who like to have juices of fresh green vegetables everyday in the morning then you can prefer juicers from this brand. It is easy to use as it contains simple blades and motors. Besides, the lightweight and compact juicers lets you carry it along even while you travel.

1. Magimix


Boasting sleek and stylish design, the juicers from this brand can simply add glamor to the collection of kitchen appliance. It also helps you extract fruit juices with ease and minimum efforts.

These are the top 10 best brands of juicers that you can prefer for your everyday morning round of juices and stay healthy.

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