Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in the World 2015

These days, computer users give preference to laptops rather than desktops as they have a large number of benefits related to them. Laptops are compact and portable, yet make no compromise in terms of working features and speed which makes them ideal for students and professionals on the go.

Listed below are the top 10 best brands of laptops in the world:

10. Fujitsu

Fujitsu Laptop

One of the latest entries in the laptop market today is Fujitsu, which has presented excellent quality laptops at economical prices. However, these laptops suffer in terms of software support.

9. Toshiba

Toshiba Laptop

The Japanese brand, Toshiba is the next to make it to this list as it is one of the most reliable options available in the market. The price range is good and specifications excellent, making it a value for money offer.

8. Samsung

Samsung Laptop

Samsung is a laptop brand held in high regard because it makes a complete package, combining the best of features with a budget price. It is outstanding in terms of configuration, video and audio and also fits into all price ranges, but the only drawback is the not so comfortable keyboard design.

7. Sony

Sony Laptop

Next on the list of top 10 best brands of laptops in the world comes the trusted brand leader called Sony, which excels in both video and audio quality, besides being known for its good looks and configuration. The only low point of this laptop is its cost.

6. Asus

Asus Laptop

Asus is a laptop brand which has grown in the past few years, the credit going to its configuration and economical price, which makes it fit in all budgets. The brand has brought about a lot many innovations in it models over a period of time. this is what has made it a name to reckon with in the international laptop market.

5. HP

HP Laptop

Another renowned laptop brand in the world is HP, which showcases a large number of models in various screen sizes. The designs are outstanding while the audio and video quality is excellent in HP laptops and they are affordably priced too.

4. Acer

Acer Laptop

The next name on the list is that of the leading laptop brand called Acer, which features fantastic design features along with rotating screen, making it stand among the rest. Acer also has outstanding configuration for high performance.

3. Dell

Dell Laptop

Talking about the best selling laptop brands in the world, Dell makes a place amongst the top three. Dell stands for durability and long life, though it features the best specifications too. Dell laptops are also acclaimed for their pocket friendly prices.

2. Lenovo

Lenovo Laptop

Featuring next on the list of top 10 best brands of laptops in the world is Lenovo, which boasts of a very long battery life enabling you to use it up to 20 hours without charging. Its brilliant configurations also makes it best for business as well as personal use, as the laptop can be used for the whole day without charging at all.

1. Apple

Apple Laptop

Apple is the undisputed leaders among the laptop brands in the world, though its popularity in the Western countries is more than that in Asia. Its excellent configuration and in built applications promise a great experience working on the brand of laptops. The price is however very high, making it out of reach of many.

All these laptop brands have won a huge fan following among computer users all over the world due to their speed, reliability and design features.

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