Top 10 Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in the World 2015

In a haunting summer nothing else can calm you down than the way the ACs will. There used to be a time when they were just a part of the luxury; but these days things have gone pretty much household. They are incredibly refreshing and the revamped contemporary technologies are hitting you with healthier airs. However, the real concern is that at present there are a huge number of brands for ACs available in market, and you have to go for the best to ensure most satisfaction. Making things easier for you, here we present the names of some excellent brands for the ACs.

10. Haier

Haierwebsite :

This Chinese brand is grabbing success at an envy making way, especially in Asian nations. Not only the ACs, but the company has shown expertise in terms of manufacturing the other electronic goods as well. Variety has been their distinguishing quality, and quality is something where they have already set a standard. You can always ensure of minimal electricity consumption through their products. The best part above all is the price, which is simply incomparable.

9. Blue Star

Blue Starwebsite :

Blue Star is another pretty popular brand in terms of ACs. They also hold a great amount of experience under their account. The company has been spreading its glory since 1943. This Indian brand has rocked its place in the nation, and so beyond the border over the globe. Especially, they have a huge market in Asian nations. If you are looking for the affordable products delivering best outcome, they should be your pick.

8. Whirlpool

Whirlpoolwebsite :

Whirlpool is a household name among the users. This US based manufacturer has been quite successful in Asian parts as well. You can’t really challenge their product quality and the delivering capacity. Especially, the turbo cooling technology they introduced dragged crowds in huge numbers for they. They have shown expertise in terms of producing both Split and Windows ACs and have been offering at quite affordable cost.

7. Daikin

Daikinwebsite :

Daikin is pretty encouraging the way they have become popular within quickest span of time. In a competitive marketing scenario they have really managed to rock their presence through tagging the products at unbelievably low cost. The best part is that the company never compromises in terms of product quality.

6. LG

LGwebsite :

LG is another name that comes in the line-up when it is about the most successful air conditioner brands. The South Korean giant in fact holds a pretty rampant reputation in terms of producing innovative consumer goods. You can always expect products at affordable cost from them.

5. Samsung

Samsungwebsite :

Needless is to mention about the way Samsung has established themselves in the global scenario in terms of manufacturing electronics stuffs. The champion manufacturer is offering a tough competition for the rivals through some awesome specs, unbelievable price, and thoroughly satisfying quality.

4. Voltas

Voltaswebsite :

You can’t really find an unsatisfying user of this brand. In every part of the world they are well established. If you want a brand that can last with you for a longest while, then undoubtedly Voltas is the one you should go with. Here you can expect price at most affordable cost as well.

3. Hitachi

Hitachiwebsite :

They understand well the art of providing varied kinds of consumer goods, but their Acs have been distinguishing. Especially, their Inverter Split Air Conditioners are hugely popular.

2. Sharp

Sharpwebsite :

If you are looking for an efficient and budget friendly air conditioner, the Sharp is a perfect brand for you. Here you can find highest variety of indoor units, for which they are distinguishing.

1. Carrier

Carrierwebsite :

Carrier holds a proud record for producing incredible air conditioners. However, they are equally popular as well in terms of refrigerator manufacturing.

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