Top 10 Best Lottery Games to Play in the World 2015

Everyone is possessed with games no matter which type it is. Ranging from the action games to arcade games, every type is equally popular among people. But when it comes to lottery games, people get crazy. Winning money is totally based on luck and lottery games provide a handsome opportunity of doing so.

There are many different types of lottery games played around the world giving away different prizes. Here is the list of top 10 lottery games of the world.

Top 10 Lottery Games of the World

There can be different criteria of selecting top 10 lottery games and I have focused on the prize money, because money wins in the end. Consider the list below:

10. SuperEnalotto – Italy


SuperEnalotto is one of the most amazing and popular lottery games in Italy. It takes months to grow to reach an amazing jackpot level and different number of people wins jackpot every time.

9. Loteria Nacional Monthly Raffles – Spain

Loteria Nacional Monthly Raffles

Loteria National Monthly Raffles is a popular lottery game in Spain and thousands of Spanish people love to play it monthly. This lottery game proudly contribute to national causes along with making millionaires in the country like National Library, Red Cross, etc.

8. La Primitiva – Spain

La Primitiva

Spain wins another spot in the top 10 list of lottery games with its La Primitiva. This lottery games have weekly draws which usually occur at Saturdays and Thursdays and it makes millionaires in the country. The game is getting momentum every year with a record business of €66.6 million in 2013.

7. Powerball Australia


Australia can never be forgotten when it comes to lottery games. Powerball Australia make millionaires with the popular US based Powerball format. Its winning odds are very much difficult but the prize money is also quite handsome which gets up to AU$80 million.

6. Eurojackpot – Europe


Eurojackpot is getting more and more popular among people and it is also known as the youngest European lottery. Eurojackpot has 14 united countries which takes active part in the game’s draw including big countries like Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Norway, etc.

5. Loteria de Navidad – Spain

Loteria de Navidad

Loteria de Navidad is amazingly popular among Spanish that it is counted as a tradition to buy Loteria de Navidad tickets as a Christmas present for your loved ones in Spain. The main popularity of this game is may be because of the prize money that is €2.24 billion.

4. EuroMillions – UK


EuroMillions is the most popular game in United Kingdom mainly because it adds raffle to the classical lottery game which makes it a unique one to go. In order to be a winner, the code present of the EuroMillion tickets has to match with respective draw. £1 million is given to owner of the ticket as a prize money.

3. EuroMillions


Undoubtedly EuroMillions is the uncrowned king of the lottery games which unites lottery organizations of a variety of countries like UK, France, Switzerland, etc. The record high prize EuroMillions have reached till now is €190 million. Special draws are also occasionally organized when the jackpot jumps to €100 million such as EuroMillions Superdraw.

2. US Powerball

US Powerball

US Powerball need no introduction as it is already quite popular all around the globe. The prize money, dynamic nature and winning odds all contribute to the second most popular lottery game in the world. The rules of the game and the games are ever changing year by year which makes it even more interesting. In 2013, US Powerball have reached to the maximum prize limit of $590.5 million which is a healthy jackpot amount and it always makes to the headlines with its prizes.

1. US Mega Millions

US Mega Millions

As expected, American lottery won the first spot in our list of top 10 best lottery games of the world because of its huge prize and surprising winning odds. Mega Millions and Powerball are always competing to win the number one spot but Mega Millions always won the spot because it recently distributed the 2nd largest jackpot in history which is $648 million. The first was also distributed by this lottery game being $656 million which makes it the king of all.

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