Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in the World 2015

House is a great investment that every working individual should have. In fact, it is the very first investment made by a lot of individuals when they already started earning on their own. In this regard, a house can never be complete without a mattress in the bedroom. Do you agree with that? Well, where will you sleep comfortably if you do not have mattress? Certainly, mattress is always associated with comfort. Now here are the top 10 world’s excellent mattress brands that can be found these days:

10. Slumberland

In Midwestern United States lies a furniture retailer that is making its name in the mattress industry these days. Such brand was founded way back in the year 1967. It is really a trustworthy brand in America as far as mattresses are concerned.

9. John Lewis Partnership

It is actually a British mattress brand that is performing so well in the retail industry. It was founded in 1864 by the brilliant man himself, John Lewis. Its main office is located in London, United Kingdom.

8. Silentnight

Originally, the name of Silentnight Limited was Clarke’s Mattresses Limited. It was in the year 1946 when this brand was established. The founders of such mattress brand were Joan and Tom Clarke. It was in the year 1951 when the name was finally changed into Silentnight Limited.

7. Bedworld

Bedworld is another mattress brand that is gaining more and more popularity in the mattress industry. It is a British company, and it is known in providing high quality and high-end mattresses.

6. Zinus

In the year 2010, Zinus had been awarded “Vendor of the Year”. This brand is known for great comfort as far as products are concerned. In other words, they only manufacture products that can give great comfort to the consumers. Some of its products are slippers, pillows, and mattresses of course.

5. Tempur-Pedic

Viscoelastic foam is the main material used in manufacturing the mattresses of Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. Lexington, Kentucky is the exact address where the main office of this company is located. Even so, such brand has several manufacturing plants such as in New Mexico, Albuquerque, and Virginia.

4. Sleep Innovations

It is one of the leading mattresses brands nowadays. As its name suggests, this company has never stopped making some innovations in their products like pillows, toppers, and mattresses. The make use of the advanced technology in making them, so you can be sure that their products are great investments in this modern world.

3. Comfortaire

This mattress company is very famous because it manufactures high end mattresses and bed that are especially-made for your comfort. It is serving the public for more than 30 years already. Its bed will allow you to be in the position that you are comfortable with.

2. Serta

It is actually a mattress company that is based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. 13 Mattress Manufacturers was its founder, and the founding of Serta happened in the year 1931. This company offers different mattress types sold in the US.

1. Sealy

Formerly, such mattress company was named Sealy Corporation. Its name was taken in the place where the company was started operating. It was in Sealy, Texas. It was founded in the year 1881 by a brilliant man named Daniel Haynes.

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