Top 10 Best Milk Brands in the World

Life without milk or milk based products is just impossible. Not only the babies, but adults are also quite dependent upon these. They hold a great nutritional value and at the same time involve a jaw dropping taste. Looking at the increasing demands of milks and milk based products it is quite obvious for the things to get commercialised. Now there are a number of companies those are too professional on this matter and have set their own brands. Advantageous part of such practice is that people now are getting higher options on this regard. Anyway, if you looking for any help in terms of finding the best milk brand, then this compilation can certainly work for you. Here we present the best milk brands that you should consider.

10. Borden Milk Products

Borden Milk Products

Borden Milk Products are hugely popular in whole United States and at the same time over the globe. They are the American company which is actually owned by the Dallas. However, the factor that has made the brand such popular is definitely due to association of famous diva Selena Gomez. Selena was the representative of the brand and has also marked her presence in their various advertising programs. Well, brilliant marketing strategy is definitely not the only reason that they are so much popular. In fact, they have always managed to maintain the best quality which is the prime reason behind such significant success of the brand.

9. Organic Valley (Organic Valley White 1 % Milkfat Lowfat Milk, 8 Ounce Carton (Pack of 12))

Organic Valley

This based in La Farge, Wisconsin, United States Company’s biggest strength is certainly their experience. Their consistencies have been thoroughly encouraging. Basically, they are a cooperative of organic farmers. The brand was established in 1988. Success of the brand can be well imagined from the fact that their annual business for last year has touched a whooping one billion dollar which is far ahead than any contemporary. Apart from United Sates, they have a huge market base also available in Asian parts like China, Japan, etc.

8. Dean Foods

Dean Foods

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Dean Foods is a popular term among the Americans. The whole America is a big fan of their diary products. There are many high-end plant and set-up available of them in whole United States. The brand is equally popular in the United Kingdom as well. Apart from this, the brand has huge manufacturing units established in other nations like Belgium, Holland as well.

7. Safeway Inc.

Safeway Inc

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Safeway Inc is an immensely successful name. It is here to mention that they are the second biggest supermarket network in northern parts of the United Sates. Reportedly, the brand is having about one thousand three hundred thirty five centres in the central United States. They have their corporate centre situated in Pleasanton, California. The company is having some centre of them in parts like Eastern Seaboard. There are hundred ninety five centres of them in Mexico as well.

6. Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms

They are hugely popular dairy centres, and in fact one of the pretty antique centres on this regard as well. The diary farm was established in 1922. Their products have been always of the best quality. However, they are pretty popular for their mascot cow, Roxie as well. They produce and distribute all main stream products.

5. Darigold


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This American dairy manufacturing brand is immensely popular. According to the sources, they make two billion dollar sales in a year that clearly tells their status.

4. Hood


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This based in Lynnfiled brand is quite successful in dairy production arena. They are pretty experienced as well being established back in 1846.

3. Nestle


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With the annual dairy turnover crossing $ 25 billion in 2009, Nestle is the biggest dairy company worldwide. In 2010, the dairy SBU (Strategic Business Unit) was passed over from Tom Coley to Thierry Philardeau. The company is focusing on providing affordable health and nutrition in developing nations, for which will invest USD 100 million to build a dairy plant in Chile, in collaboration with Fonterra.

2. Wegmans


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This headquartered in Gates, New York is a popular brand and are having about hundred centres in New York itself. It was founded in 1916. It is equally popular in other European nations as well.

1. Horizon



This based in  USA. This brand is pretty famous for its organic products, and quite known for making excellent products available at most affordable cost. It made with organic grade a low fat milk and organic evaporated cane juice

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