Top 10 Best & Most Famous Swimwear Brands 2015

The most important thing while buying the swimwear is that you must judge whether you are feeling free under the water or not and also the swimwear fits your swim style when you are swimming. So, this is not at all an easy task to purchase a swimwear. There are many companies in the market that manufacture swimwear, but among them there are only few that may satisfy your demand. However, this list of best top 10 swimwear in the world will help you to find out the one that suits you the best.

10. Amanzi

Amanzi is a leading brand of swimwear that is specialized in manufacturing chlorine resistance training swimwear and this swimwear is mainly for competitive and active swimmers. Amanzi is an Australia base swimwear company and responsible for satisfying the needs of the fashionable athletes. All products are highly durable and you can expect a wide variety of collection and designs.

9. Delfina

This is an Italian company and to create novel design it uses a highest quality fabrics and traditional tailoring technique in its production. This brand is best known for beach attire and swimwear from 1992. This company has its own retail outlets in many countries around the world.

8. LL Bean

This is an American retail and online company that has its manufacturing unit in Freeport Maine. It is one of the leading swimwear companies in the world. Apart from swimwear, the company also manufactures traveling accessories, shoulder bag, backpacks, sleeping bags, footwear etc.


This is one of the best men’s swimwear brands across the world that offers quality range of swimwear for all swimmers who love water. The company is very popular from the past as its products meet all requirements of a swimmer. It is a medium scale company that has its manufacturing units in Bad Salzuflen. BECO is best known for its functional swimwear that is used at a pool or on beach. BECO mainly produces aqua sport, men’s casual, kid’s sports, swimwear, swimming caps, aquatic fitness, women’s casual, swimming accessories, bags, fins, diving mask and more.

6. Catalina

Cataline has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing swimwear and one of the best leading brands across the world. For colorful design and exceptional style Catalina has no competitors. After wearing its swimwear, you will feel comfort because its swimwear is very flexible and move with your body when you are swimming.

5. Aqua Sphere

This is an Italian company that started its production of swimwear in the year of 1998 and focused mainly on active swimmers and water enthusiasts. Aqua Sphere is also famous for its innovative range of production like eyewear, swimwear, wetsuits etc.

4. Emporio Armani

To meet the growing demand of its global customers Emporio Armani manufactures a wide variety of high quality and affordable swimsuits for many years. Emporio Armani manufactures all swimsuits as per the fashion requirements of the swimmers and all products are comfortable enough.

3. Arena

For comfortable and much flexible swimwear means Arena. This is a Germany base company and has its headquarters in Tolentino, Italy. Arena has more than 103 retail outlets across the world and is famous for men’s swimwear.

2. Yingfa

This is a famous international company that manufactures swimwear and swimming accessories and all these products are designed for high speed swimming and other swimming competitions.

1. Finis

Finis started its manufacture of swimwear in 1993 and distinguishes its product from others in case of quality, style, color and design. Its comfortable range of collection is very popular to the swimmers and wearing this swimwear, a swimmer feels that his/her body becomes more flexible while swimming.

Lastly, all these brands are popular across the world and when swimmers wear one of these products get fresh energy and become energetic.

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