Top 10 Best Multivitamin Brands You Can Trust

These days, the pharmaceutical industry is filled with hundreds or thousands of multivitamins manufactured by different companies. These multivitamins are made for specific purposes. There are some that are intended for boosting your energy, and there are also some that are manufactured for the purpose of supplementing the vitamin deficiency of a person. But whatever the purpose of a certain multivitamin, it is very important to know the top 10 excellent multivitamin brands available nowadays.

10. Optimum Nutrition

It is actually a Glanbia subsidiary multivitamin brand. Glanbia is a top performing cheese and nutritional product provider. Such multivitamin brand was established way back in the year 1986.

9. Carlson Labs

Carlson Laboratories, Inc. was founded way back in the year 1965. The brilliant minds behind the foundation of this multivitamin brand were Susan and John Carlson. Not like any other multivitamin brands, this one is family-operated. It is geared in providing quality nutritional supplements.

8. GNC

It is actually the acronym of General Nutrition Corporation. It is an American commercial company that manufactures health-related products such as multivitamins and energy and diet supplements.

7. NOW

It was way back in 1948 when Paul Richard founded this multivitamin brand. It is one of those family-owned multivitamin brands that are gaining more and more success each day. There are over 1,400 dietary supplements manufactured by this brand nowadays.

6. TwinLab

1968 was the exact year when this multivitamin brand was founded. Its brilliant founder was David Blechman, who was an expert in the pharmaceutical industry. Since the foundation of this brand, it never stops providing quality health-related supplements to the consumers.

5. Garden of Life

This multivitamin brand is recognized by the United States Congress. This speaks for its great reputation. This brand is driven with their mission of providing organic nutritional products that people can take for a healthy living.

4. Kirkland Signature

It is another multivitamin brand that is gaining more and more popularity each day. It is simply because of its nutritional products that can help people in living a healthy life. Actually, this company also offers some other things aside from health-related products.

3. Nature’s Way

It was in the year 1968 when this multivitamin brand was founded. It was all thanks to the brilliant mind of Tom Murdock. He actually founded this brand having his wife as his inspiration. It is because he wanted to improve the health of his wife, and he made it.

2. Rainbow Light

This multivitamin brand was founded by the ever brilliant Linda Kahler. It was the first food supplement brand the world ever has. It was actually begun operating way back in the year 1981. At first, it was only offering spirulina supplement. But now, it is already offering several other supplements and multivitamins.

1. Nature Made

It has been the number one multivitamin brand available in the world today. In fact, it is the very first one that acquires the verification of USP or the United States Pharmacopeia. It is well-known in manufacturing top quality multivitamins all over the world.

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