Top 10 Best Popular Chocolates Brands in the World

Chocolates make the favorite confectionery, which is loved the world over, by young and old alike. There are a large number of popular chocolate brands, which have been ruling the hearts of millions around the world for decades now and they are continuing their legacy of taste and love.

Here are 10 best and famous brands of chocolates in the world:

10. Galaxy

Galaxy ChocolateOne of the most loved brands of chocolates the world over is Galaxy, which makes use of rich milk base, along with hot cocoa and fruit ingredients to make the most amazing chocolate in the world. The brand started in UK in 1986 and brings variants such as Dove, Galaxy Jewels and Caramel.

9. Toblerone

Toblerone ChocolateToblerone is one of the most loved chocolate brands in the world, which is revered for its unique shape and an equally distinctive taste. The rich recipe consisting of almonds, honey, nougat and rich cocoa, was invented in 1908 and has seen a number of flavors introduced over the years.

8. Patchi

Patchi ChocolateNext on the list of best brands of chocolates in the world is Patchi, the famous Lebanese brand which originated in 1974 at the behest of its inventor, chocolatier Nizar. It is an expensive brand, which represents rich flavors from Belgium and Switzerland and now is a favorite in as many as 35 countries in the world.

7. Mars

Mars ChocolateMars is a world famous chocolate brand which traces its roots in UK, where it was first made in 1932 with a recipe having rich ingredients such as honey, nougat, almonds and caramel. The most famous chocolates available under this brand are Lava, Almond, Light, Dark and Midnight.

6. Cadbury

Cadbury ChocolateFeaturing next on the list of best brands of chocolates in the world is Cadbury, which was founded in 1824 by a London based chocolatier John Cadbury. The chocolate saw some modifications over a period of years, with the best of flavors such as Fruit &Nut, Crunch and Milk Bars being the most popular ones today.

5. Kit Kat

KitKat ChocolateKit Kat started as Kit Cat in 1935, with delicious chocolate fingers made coating a layer of rich chocolate over a wheat wafer bar. Today, it comes in the same form, with variants such as dark, white, dry fruits and mild, all coated in delicious chocolate.

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4. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli ChocolateAnother well appreciated brand of chocolates comes from Italy, where it was invented in 1852 by the talented chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli. He created it by chance, mixing milk chocolate with caramel and caco darks and soon it became one of the most popular chocolate brands in the world. The brand is now based in USA.

3. Guylian

Guylian ChocolateGuylian is a revered chocolate brand from Belgium, which showcases handmade bars customized to the needs of the buyers. The brand boasts of matchless taste as well as unique looks and flavors. The brand has the credit of creating the biggest Easter egg in the world in 2005.

2. Lindt and Sprungli

Lindt and Sprungli ChocolateOne of the most loved chocolate brands is Lindt and Sprungli, which originated in Zurich in 1845 and continues to impress the world with its unique taste, which exhibits an amazing harmony. Its wonderful taste is attributed to an artistic blend of white chocolate and granular ingredients, with add-ons such as dried fruits.

1. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

The ultimate winner on this list is none other than the Italian delight called Ferrero Rocher, which contains a precious encasement of wafer ball in milk and caramel, covered with rich chocolate. The taste of this chocolate continues to linger in one’s mouth long after eating it.

All these brands are loved around the world by discerning chocolate lovers and also make an equally great gift option, professing you sweet love for the special one in your life.

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