Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet in 2020 – Prices and Reviews

Most professional tennis players prefer changing their rackets every two years.  In most cases, a change of racket helps some players regain control of the game, thus freeing them from old boundaries. Change of racket can help you crush some heads. Some of the rackets mentioned are top sellers and favorites for most tennis players.

Here are our top 10 best tennis rackets in 2020

10. Dunlop Force 100 Tour @ $160

Dunlop Force 100 Tour @ $160

It has a parallel string throughout its 100 square inch face. What this means is, you will have a larger sweet spot on this particular racket. It is a racket which will increase the flare at the base of the handle. What does the above imply? The Dunlop Force 100 Tour is greater and a more effortless racket to control.

9. Babolat Pure Aero Play

Babolat Pure Aero Play

This racket is in the price range of $349 – $370.  It is a racket with the latest upgrades such as FSI Spin Technology, open string pattern and has a more aerodynamic frame. This racket boasts to be among the first connected rackets, thus, you can comfortably turn on it and provide feedback, record your strokes  and even help you to improve on your game even more.

8. Dunlop Force 98 Tour

Dunlop Force 98 Tour

The price range for this particular racquet is between $159 – $165. It has glass fiber rods in the handle, thus decreasing vibrations, and making each stroke easier on your hand. This is due to the new technology in the company, the Aeroskin, which reduces the drag of the racquet by about 36%, making each stroke faster.

7. Head Graphene XT Radical PRO

Head Graphene XT Radical PRO

You will get this racket at a price range of between $200 – $210.  It is one of the racquets which is endorsed by Andy Murray, one of the great tennis players. This because of its versatility which makes it have a better weight distribution due to the Graphene technology which is incorporated in it. If you are a player who loves hitting winners down the line or you like aggressive volleys at the net, this is the racket for you.

6. Wilson Burn FST 95

Wilson Burn FST 95

It is one of the best racquet for tennis which goes at a price range of between $245 – $249. It has an octagon geometry which allows it to rip through the air as fast as possible at any angle. The ergonomic handle will enable you to have a grip which will be comfortable for you. The carbon fiber frame is strong enough to give the power even though it is lightweight.

 5. HEAD Graphene XT Instinct

HEAD Graphene XT Instinct

The price for this great racquet ranges between $170 – $190. It is the best racquet for beginners on the court. Get it and it will be breezy on the court as every time you connect with the ball, power is added behind each stroke.

4. PRINCE Pink 19 Junior Tennis Racquet

PRINCE Pink 19 Junior Tennis Racquet

As the name suggests, it is one of the best racquets for beginners on the court. The price range is between $60 – $35. It is an oversized racquet which will make it easy for you to connect with the ball. It has a shorter handle that will help you control the swinger better.

3. Wilson Pro Staff 97S

Wilson Pro Staff 97S

Priced at between $210-$219, this is one of the winning racquets on the market. It has helped many players win many times. The secret behind it all has patented Spin Effect Technology which produces more spin without having to add or take anything off your swing. It is a racquet which is part of the Pro Staff line, which is one of the most popular lines when it comes to the tennis game.

2. Prince Textreme Tour 100P

Prince Textreme Tour 100P

At the price range of $182 – $199, you will get this great racquet. It is named after the textreme substance in it that helps it to be more flexible and stable when at the game on the court. It is one of the best racquet for the most experienced players who want to work on their speed while having control of the ball too.

1. Pro Staff 95 BLX

Pro Staff 95 BLX

It has a price range of $148 – $150. It is a racquet which is widely considered as an advanced player’s model .Due to its incredible design, anyone who uses it to find it to improve their game. It has a strong control that is out of this world. It gives a great boost to shots, making you instantly notice the difference. Its maneuverability is tooniche, especially when considering how much lighter and yet  more solid the racquet is. If you are a professional, this is the way to go.

You have a list of some of the top racquets on the market, depending on your level in the tennis world, choose your racquet wisely.

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