Top 10 Bizarre Romances of Objects and Humans

It is a common scenario in this world to see someone who loves a certain stuff such as gadgets, games and many others. Even so, it is already an abnormal condition if you have a very intense feeling of love towards something that you already treat it as your girlfriend or boyfriend. Such abnormal medical condition is known as “Objectum Sexuals”. In relation to this, here are the top 10 bizarre romances of objects and humans that might stir the interest within you:

10. A Woman Fell In-Love with the Berlin Wall

When a Swedish woman named Eija Riitta was still 7 years of age, she was able to watch the Berlin Wall in the television and she immediately fell in love with this thing. She did collect as much pictures as she could of the Berlin Wall, while saving some money that she could use in visiting the place someday. During her 6th time visit here, she couldn’t fight her feelings anymore and got married to the wall with several guests who witnessed the bizarre marriage ceremony.

9. American Man Got Married to a Mannequin

You might find it hard to believe but it’s true that an American man got married to a mannequin named Clara. This American man was none other than Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole. During the wedding ceremony, he invited some media personnel in order to record the entire wedding program. Some Hollywood people said that they saw Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole carrying Clara while having a walk in Hollywood.

8. A Church Organist and An Amusement Park Ride Marriage

A church organist named Amy Wolfe from Pennsylvania, USA fell in love to an amusement park ride when she was still 13 years of age. The name of the ride was 1001 Nachts, and it can be enjoyed when you go to the Knoebels Amusement Park in the said US state. Ten years have passed and she already have total of 3,000 rides on it. Wolfe got married to the ride in the year 2009, changing her surname to the surname of the ride’s maker, which was Weber.

7. The Marriage of a Blogger and a Mac Book Pro

Hermione Way happens to be a British blogger of the website known as She spends most of her time in blogging with her Mac Book Pro, which is the main reason why she fell in love with this gadget. Last January 31, 2010, she unofficially got married to her gadget and she’s hoping that someday, the law will allow allow their marriage to be official.

6. An English Oak Tree Affair

An old Canadian woman is having an affair with an oak tree that can be found in England. This is the main reason why she keeps on coming back in the country.This old woman is none other than Val Theroux, and she’s a retired nurse back there in Canada. The truth is, Theroux constantly travel to England in order to conduct workshops in reiki. During her stay, she never fails to spend her mornings hugging the tree.

5. A Man Got Married to a Pillow

A South Korean man fell in love with his pillow and got married to it. This man is named Lee Jin-gyu, and his pillow has Fate Testarossa’s image, who happens to be a popular character in the anime series known as Mahou Shoujo. It was way back in 2010 when she tied the knot with his huggable pillow.

4. An Affair with the Statue of Liberty

In the year 2007, a British woman named Amanda Whittaker fell in love with the famous landmark of the United States, which is the Statue of Liberty. Because of that, she constantly visits this famous landmark, and she even made a nickname for it, which was “Libby”. Today, you can see a lot of Statue of Liberty monuments in her own house.

3. Having a Relationship with an iBook

A man who was 35 years of age admitted that he had a relationship with his iBook laptop, and he even believed that his laptop had a male gender. This man was named Bill Rifka. He also did what the typical men do, which is flirting to some other girls. And for his case, he flirted to some other laptops.

2. A Man Who Have Strong Sexual Attractions to Cars

Mecaphile, or simply a strong sexual attraction to machines, is felt by a 45-year-old man named Edward Smith. He admitted that he already fell in love with around 1000 cars like the luxury jaguars and the Mustangs. Today, he’s already committed to a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle that he named Vanilla.

1. A Synthetic Doll and a Human’s Marriage

A Synthetic Doll and a Human's Marriage

For 13 years now, an American man living in Detroit, Michigan has been happily married to a synthetic doll that he named Sidore. This man is named Davecat. She fell in love with the doll the moment he firstly saw it. He bought it from its creator, Abyss Creations, for $5,000.

These are the top 10 bizarre romances of objects and humans. With this, you might be wondering if these people are really sane or not. Well, you will be the judge and keep it for yourself.

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