Top 10 Celebrity Children With Weirdest Names

From Kanye West’s daughter North West, to Micheal Jackson children, Paris and Blanket, celebrity are known for giving their children crazy and weird names and they are proud of doing so. A name like Royal Reign surely, does it refer to a rule in the British Empire or someone’s name? One wonders how celebrity Lil Kim thought of such a name to give to her daughter; Pilot Inspektor – is that a title of a profession or a name to give to a child? Ask Actor Jason Lee and he will try to justify himself.

Let us list the 10 weirdest names given by celebrities to their children

10. Jermajesty


This is the child of musician Jermaine Jackson with wife Halima. This name was made up of Jerma….the first part of Jermaine’s name. Bearing in mind that this is  a boy, don’t dare pronounce the name the Spanish way as it will be ironic.

9. Royal Reign

Royal Reign

Stop wondering because that is the name given to Lil’ Kim’s and Peoples Hernandez’s daughter. Besides the quirks in the name, there is definitely something celebratory about the name.

8. Kal-El


You look at the name and you wonder if it belongs to a bird, a plane or a play. That is the name given to Actor Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim’s son. At first, they had decided to name their child Kyleand but changed and decided to give him something memorable and sharp, Kal-El, the original name of Superman and also due to its positive connotation.

7. Pilot Inspektor

Pilot Inspektor

This is the name given to the son of Actor Jason Lee and his wife Beth Riesgraf. The song by Grandaddy, an indie rock group was the reason for the child being named Pilot. The songs goes like “ He’s simple. He’s dumb. He’s the Pilot” .

6. North West

North West

When you look at the name, it looks like a direction to a place. This is the name of the daughter to the social media and television personality Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, her musician husband. They claim it was due to spiritual reasons.

5. Harper Seven

Harper Seven

Harper Seven is the daughter of English football legend David Beckham and wife Victoria Posh Beckham. They have four children and that is the youngest of them all. The number seven is very important to Beckham as he bore the Jersey number 7 when he played for both the English national team and Manchester United.

4. Apple


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin have 2 children,  son Moses Bruce Anthony Martin and daughter Apple. Paltrow says she found the name just perfect for her daughter because she is sweet and apples are sweet, wholesome and it is also biblical and she just thought that it is just lovely.

3. Bronx Mowgli

Bronx Mowgli

Actress cum singer Ashlee Simpson and her former husband Peter Wentz got a baby girl and decided to name her Mowgli, which was inspired by a character from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

2. Bear Blu

Bear Blu

Bear Blue is the son of Alicia Silverstone the Actress and husband Christopher Jarecki. He who was born in 2011. This name made the baby to make it to many lists of that year, immediately after birth; the list of the worst celebrity baby names.

1. Bear Blaze

Bear Blaze

The third husband to Hollywood’s actress Kate Winslet has a unique name Ned Rocknroll. So it comes as no surprise when the couple gives birth to a baby and decides to give it crazy names; Bear Blaze. Bear is a nickname Kate grew up with and she decided to give it to her third child. Her first two children have crazier names too; Mia and Joe, maybe their nicknames to her ex.

Like or hate it, celebrities will continue giving their children crazy names due to their celebrity status. They themselves have either funny names or crazy label names tagged on their celebrity. They will always try to justify why they have decided to go by the name but one wonders if they will have a congrete reason to explain to their kids why they gave them queer names. The crazy naming didn’t start with them and we know it is here to stay.

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