Top 10 Characteristics Traits of a Libra Person

There are 12 signs in the zodiac and each of these signs is associated with certain personality traits, which are considered common to people falling under that particular sign. Libra is the zodiac sign of people born between September 23 and October 23 and is related with peace, harmony and balance.

Here are top 10 characteristics traits of a Libra person:


10. Indecisiveness

A negative aspect of Libra personality is that they are very indecisive in decision making, which can cause problems for them. Making choices can make them uncomfortable and they tend to avoid situations where they are required to do so.

9. Charming

A very positive aspect of a Libra personality is their charm and attraction. They make great company, and have the ability to cheer up others. Most of them have charismatic and heart-warming personality.

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8. Laid Back Attitude

Next among the top 10 characteristics traits of Libra personality is their laid back attitude. It is not so because they are lazy or lack energy. The fact is that they do not want to face emotional challenges and tensions.

7. Tactful

Libra born people are tactful and cunning by nature. They have the ability to get things done from other people with their tact and skill. In fact, they are capable of exploiting other people’s emotions and getting their needs fulfilled from them.

6. Self Indulgent

Libra people are self indulgent to the extent that they want to be surrounded by beautiful things, which give them constant pleasure. They want to live extravagantly, with luxurious homes and beautiful clothes, and they are ready to spend a lot for it.

5. Romantic

Romance is part and parcel of Libra personality. The zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and their lives are ruled by love. They are passionate about everything and love romantic music, books and stories.

4. Appreciative of Justice

Another personality trait linked with this zodiac sign is that these people have a sense of justice. They believe in fair play and resort to the right methods for having the job done, rather than going for unfair means.

3. Diplomatic

The zodiac sign of Libra is symbolized by scales, which show that they are diplomatic people. These people make sure that they do not hurt feelings of anyone by anything they do or say.

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2. Peace Loving

Next among the top 10 characteristics traits of a Libra person is that these people are peace loving and appreciate harmony in life. They are kind hearted and dislike getting into arguments. They love peaceful surroundings.

1. Balanced

A Libra person has a balanced nature and moderation is the key for them, whether it is about eating, drinking or doing anything else. They will generally react to situations in a cool and composed manner and going to the extremes makes them uncomfortable.

All these characteristics are typically found in the personality of all the natives of Libra zodiac sign. Some famous Libra celebrities are Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Will Smith, Simon Cowell and Usher.

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