Top 10 Characteristics Traits of a Scorpio Personality

Astrology relates to study of personality characteristics on the basis of zodiac signs, which are determined on the basis of date of birth of a person. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of people born between October 23 and November 21 and is represented by the symbol of Scorpion. This may be the reason why the sign is usually interpreted in a negative manner, but there are certain positive attributes related with the zodiac sign too.

Here are top 10 characteristic traits of a Scorpio person:


10. Resentful

A typical Scorpio person is resentful and will make every effort to get even with someone who has hurt him. They are quite open with their resentment and will show them with their words and actions.

9. Manipulative

It is commonly seen that Scorpio people are manipulative in nature. They have the ability to manipulate others and have things done according to their way. Also, they can be domineering and they try to suppress others.

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8. Jealous

Next among the top 10 characteristic traits of a Scorpio person is that these people are jealous and possessive in nature. This can sometimes cause problems in their relationships as their partners may resent their over possessive nature. Also, the relationship may lack peace and harmony.

7. Sensitive

A typical Scorpio personality is very sensitive and they get easily hurt by the negative comments of other people. It is hard for them to take insult or negativity in a stride and they cannot forgive and forget.

6. Secretive

Generally, you would find Scorpio to be secretive as these people hardly trust others enough to speak their mind with them. It is a very few people with whom they feel comfortable enough to share their close secrets.

5. Maturity and Balance

Another positive characteristic trait of a Scorpio person is the maturity and balance they possess. They have a jovial attitude, yet they are not immature, which makes them interesting and inspiring people to be with.

4. Intuitive

Most of the Scorpio persons have a strong sense of intuition, which enables them to read the mind of others. They have strong instincts, which prove to be highly beneficial for them for making the right decisions in life.

3. Focused

People who belong to this zodiac sign are very clear and focused in their attitude. They know what they want in life and are ready to go to any extent to achieve the same. Nothing can divert them from their goal, even if it is very hard to achieve.

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2. Ambitious

Ambition is another plus point of a typical Scorpio personality. These people yearn for money, power and position and try their best to achieve. No aim is small for them and they give their best efforts to reach the high aims.

1. Faithful

Most of the Scorpio people are faithful and trustworthy in nature. They stay by the side of friends and help them in the dire situations. Once they make a commitment to someone, they are likely to fulfill it to the end.

When you would come across a typical Scorpio personality, you would be sure to find most of these characteristic traits in them.

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