Top 10 Cleanest Cities in The World Right Now

Cleanliness is a quality that appeals one and the all, which is the reason why people love to keep themselves as well as their surroundings clean. There are a number of cities around the world which are known as for their cleanliness and the responsible attitude. Here, citizens ensure that they do not litter the cities neither let outsiders do it, making them the best places in the world to live in.

Here is a city of top 10 cleanest cities in the world:

10. Freiburg


The German city of Freiburg is of global fame because of its eco friendly environment as well as picturesque green spots like parks and gardens. This city is a hot tourist destination and people on holiday in Germany make sure that they have it on their travel list.

9. Oslo


One of the most important cities in Norway and also one of the cleanest in the world is Oslo, which was also honored as the second greenest city in the world in 2000. The country’s government as well as the residents of Oslo, have put in a great deal of effort into the cleanliness and beautification of the city, with its numerous gardens, parks and lakes.

8. Singapore


Featuring next on the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the world is Singapore, a city which has registered the presence of Asia in this list. An example of diverse cultural scenario, the city has a population exceeding 5 million which comprises of people of different nationalities. It has a host of tourist attractions and is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia.

7. Brisbane


Brisbane is regarded amongst the best cities in Australia, not only because of its beautiful landscape and amazing weather, but also because of its cleanliness and maintenance. The city has more than 2.04 million inhabitants and still is one of the cleanest and most secure in the world.

6. Paris


Who would forget including the romantic city of Paris amongst the most beautiful and cleanest cities in the world? Known as the fashion hub of the world, the amazing city is also loved for its astonishingly clean roads and smooth traffic system. The air here is fresh and clean and you would love visiting the beautiful attractions around the city.

5. Wellington


One of the biggest cities in New Zealand is Wellington and it boasts of beautiful, clean environment. It has a huge population of over 5.6 million but still happens to be one of the cleanest in the world. Wellington abounds in lush green gardens and parks and a large number of people use public transport here to make it pollution free.

4. London


Undoubtedly, one of the best and cleanest cities in the world is London, which has a pleasant atmosphere and clean and green surroundings. The city also has a large number of tourist attractions such as parks, museums, restaurants and gardens. The traffic is well organized and the city is highly maintained.

3. Kobe


Japan is one of the most developed and richest countries in the world and the city of Kobe in Japan makes an exemplary place because of its advancement and eco friendliness. Despite its huge population, the city boasts of unmatched facilities related to traffic management and sewage system.

2. New York

New York

The next name on the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the world is that of New York in USA. The city has 1.7 million people residing in it, in addition to being home to some beautiful green parks and great monuments. It is one of the biggest attractions of USA.

1. Helsinki


The beautiful city of Helsinki in Finland is manifested as one of the cleanest and greenest across the globe. It has a unique system if electricity generation along with eco friendly roads and vehicles, which minimize the pollution and keep the city in a great condition.

All these cities are regarded as exotic destinations and tourists around the world love to travel to them and experience their beauty.

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