Top 10 Countries Guarded with Strong Armies

The world is made up numerous countries as well as territories. Today, the number of officially recognized countries is 195. These countries have a lot of things to offer such as amazing skyscrapers, breathtaking natural spots, nice and friendly people, and mouth-watering food. Doing something bad to a certain country is really a thing that you shouldn’t do since every country nowadays is protected with their own armies. In connection to this, here are 10 countries guarded with strong armies that you shouldn’t try to mess up with:

10. Turkey Strong Armies

Turkey Strong Armies

The huge chaos happened in Syria and in some other countries made the Turkey government realized the great importance of the country’s defence department. They embraced the fact that someday, they might face as serious as these socio-civic issues. This is why they have increased their defence budget, which is around $18.18 billion. The estimated number of people who are serving the Turkish army is around 660,000.

9. Japan Strong Armies

Japan Strong Armies

During the World War II, Japan was one of those countries that had a very powerful military force. This is why it is included in the list of 10 countries guarded with strong armies these days. It’s currently on the 6th place when it comes to the list of countries in the world that have the highest defence budget, which is around $49.1 billion. All in all, it has around 307,000 people in the army.

8. South Korea Strong Armies

South Korea Strong Armies

Because of the increasing possible threats experienced by South Korea, its government has increased its defence budget into $34 billion. The country has great numbers of active army personnel, which is around 640,000. It also has around 2,900,000 reserve army personnel, not to mention its defence people in the air force department.

7. France Strong Armies

France Strong Armies

Another country that is included in the list is France, which decided to minimize their some other military expenses and concentrate in getting more advanced military equipments. Since 2013, the defence budget of the country per year is around $43 billion. France has more than 220,000 active French army members and around 500,000 army force reserve.

6. Germany Strong Armies

Germany Strong Armies

Germany is spending around $45 million in an annual basis for the country’s defence department. It remains strong and powerful even though the number of people who want to join the German army is slowly decreasing every single year. In fact, its military service was not anymore mandatory in Germany since 2011. There are around 183,000 active army personnel in the country and 145,000 reserve army people.

5. India Strong Armies

India Strong Armies

India is one of the leading countries when it comes to defence. It is simply because the Indian government is utilizing its massive number of population by encouraging the people to serve in the army. With the combined number of active and reserve army personnel, the number of Indian army members currently reach as much as 3.5 million. Every year, the country is budgeting $46 billion for military expenses.

4. China Strong Armies

China Strong Armies

China is one of those countries that have recently experienced some possible threats in its entire territory, which is the reason why the Chinese government has seriously strengthen its defence department. The country is having a yearly budget of $126 billion for its defence matters, and it is even planning to increase it in the coming years. All in all, China has around 4,585,000 army personnel, including the reservists.

3. United Kingdom Strong Armies

United Kingdom Strong Armies

The army of the United Kingdom remains to be one of the strongest army troupes in the entire world, even though it’s currently decreasing the number and budget of the defence department. Every single year, UK is spending $54 billion for its defence matters. In terms of active army force, it only has 205,000 people with 908 aircrafts in the air force as well as 66 battle ships in the navy.

2. Russia Strong Armies

Russia Strong Armies

Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, Russia has been trying its best to encourage more and more people who will join the country’s army force. And since 2008, the number of Kremlin members has been increasing three times more. Hence, it is just right for the country to raise its defence budget into $76.6 billion every single year, and the Russian government is planning to increase it more in the coming years.

1. United States of America Strong Armies

United States of America

All in all, there are more than 1.4 million soldiers who are serving the defence department of the United States, excluding the country’s 800,000 reserve army force. This is the main reason why USA has the whopping budget of $612.5 billion for its military expenses.It has well-trained army members as well as numerous advanced military equipments, so there’s no question why it is included in the list of most powerful countries worldwide.

These are the 10 countries guarded with strong armies. Without a doubt, messing with these countries is the worst thing that you could ever done in your whole life.

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