Top 10 Exotic Cloud Forest Around The Globe

Cloud forest refers to fog forests which occur generally in subtropical and tropical regions. They form an ecosystem of the evergreen forests. Its formation depends on the altitude of the place and its proximity to the sea. They create a dreamy aura is something to be admired. They are among the loveliest forests that are present in the sub and tropical areas. They form a big part of the ecosystem and it adds beauty to the natural environment. They attract thousands of tourists on yearly basis who come visiting while others come to research

Here are the top 10 exotic cloud forest around the globe

10. Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Costa Rica

It is a blessing of mother nature which is found in Puntarenas in the Cordillera de Tilaran. It has colorful orchids which bloom all over the place. It is a spectacular forest which attracts bird watchers, scientists, and nature lovers throughout the year.

9. Salta Cloud Forest, Argentina

Salta Cloud Forest, Argentina

It is located in the northwest part of Argentina. It is a famous travel base which is far away from city life. When exploring it, you might meet with the descendants of the ancient Incas who will be riding on horseback. Get to visit this cloud forest to enjoy its beauty.

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

It overlooks the Thailand, stands proudly in the sanctuary of Chiang Mai. This is a very popular cloud forest among several panoramic spots and locals on the lower hill slopes within the Sanctuary, which is dotted with happy people who are out on a picnic. It has several hiking trails which lead to the mystical waterfalls which are sheathed by the cloud where you can take a dip.Its trek routes can be insightful and indeed help you to learn the rustic rural lifestyle of the Thailand people. Any time you visit Thailand, make a point of visiting this great cloud forest.

7. Cloud Forest in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Cloud Forest in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is rich with nature’s bounty due to the deep valleys and jagged mountains. This particular cloud forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It habituates the Ethiopian wolf and the Gelada Baboon which makes it have an uncanny similarity with a horror story.

6. Tandayapa Mindo, Ecuador

Tandayapa Mindo, Ecuador

It is found on the northwestof Quito which is the capital city of Ecuador. It is a subtropical evergreen forest which is lush green throughout the year and awesome for bird watchers. Moss covers most of the trees and the flora are complemented by epiphytic orchids, and fauna by Dusky capped Flycatcher. It is lush green the whole year round.

5. Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

This is a forest where the movie,  God of the Rings was shot and for a reason. If you explore the country and through the swirling clouds, you will definitely get an answer as to why. There are active volcanos in the west cost and it envisions Rivendells and other feelings.

4. Springbrook National Park, Australia

Springbrook National Park, Australia

It is located in the Gold Coast of Australia, on top of the range of McPherson, on an the south of Brisbane which is an ancient volcano. It is the wettest in Australia, supporting the Springbrook Leatherwood Eucryphia Jinksii which is a rare rainforest that is not found anywhere else in the world.

3. El Cielo Biosphere, Mexico

El Cielo Biosphere, Mexico

It is located adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. It serves a rainwater catchment area which is recognized by UNESCO under the Man and Biosphere program. The terrain encompasses little villages with warm, friendly locals and it is also a  good way of experiencing the Mexican culture. It is normally referred to as the green secret of Mexico.  Enjoy the charm of Mexico as the clouds play hide and seek with you.

2. Canary Island, Spain

Canary Island, Spain

It is a Spanish archipelago, which is not on the main landmass of Spain. It is among the 17 autonomous communities. While visiting the canary, make sure you are alert as clouds floatuncommon sight which forms a rainbow formed encircling down a hill slope.visit to see for yourself.

1. Shola Forest, India

Shola Forest, India

It is a cloud forest which is located in the Western Ghats in South India. It is home to rare species and several threatened  fauna and flora. It harbors endangered NilgiriTahr and the majestic mauve colored flower of which it blooms every 12 years. Get to enjoy the delight of living of walking in a cloud forest like the mythological Gods.

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