Top 10 Extremely Frightening Torture Devices that You Don’t Want to Experience

The people of today’s generation are somehow very lucky when compared to those people in the past, specially those people who existed during Medieval times. It is simply because that particular period was very cruel, specially to those people who did something wrong. The authorities during that time made use of several horrifying torture devices on those individuals. In this regard, here are the top 10 extremely frightening torture devices that you don’t want to experience for sure:

10. Breast Ripper

Breast Ripper

Breast Ripper was widely used in the 16th century. This very frightening torture device was made for those women who committed some crimes or actions that were against the will of the authorities. Some of these crimes were adultery, abortion, heresy, and blasphemy. This device had left and right claws, which would rip the women’s breasts.

9. Head Crusher

Head Crusher

As its name suggests, Head Crusher torture device was used in crushing the heads of the victims. It had a cup under the jaw of the device, and this was where the head should be placed. By turning down the screws of the device, the cap will slowly push the head until it is crushed fully. This was mainly used in interrogating the victims, and most of these people were killed by this device.

8. Saw Torture Device

Saw Torture Device

This was another common extremely horrifying torture device used in the past. This was literally a saw, and it was used through sawing the body of the victims. It was not just about sawing actually. The victim should be hanged first while his legs are spread. The sawing will then start from the victim’s anus and stop at the back portion so that he can feel the the intense pain.

7. Crocodile Shear

The Crocodile Shear

Crocodile Shear was a pincer device that was made from iron. In the metal tube that can be found in the device, there were spikes attached to the metal linings. These gave such device the appearance of a crocodile mouth. It was the one being used to someone who attempted an assassination to the king. This device was enough to cause too much blood loss and arterial damage.

6. Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull was an ancient torture device widely used by Greeks. It looked like a carrier device that was built with a door on its side. Through such door, the victim would be put inside and a fire would be set up under it. As the device would become hotter and hotter, the person inside it would surely be roasted. How cruel was that to you?

5. Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden was also known as “The Virgin”. And in German term, it was called “Jungfer”. This device was more than enough to kill the person being tortured inside it. Its size was the same with human size, and it had a hinged front. It actually looked like a cabinet that was made from iron. Inside this iron cabinet were short spikes that would be used in slowly killing the victim.

4. Crucifixion


Crucifixion was a method in torturing a person, and not a device. In this method, the person would be tied in a huge wooden cross or worse, nailed on his hands and feet. The scenario was the same when Jesus Christ died on the cross. Such way of torturing a person is still being done in some other countries in the world.

3. Impaler


The impaler was the one being used in executing impalement as a way of torturing a person way back in the 15th century. This was widely used in the ancient Romania, specially the King of Romans, Vladimir. He let 20,000 up to 300,000 people impaled while he was watching having his good meal. This was a thick pole where the victim should sit until his body would slide down on it.

2. Breaking Wheel

Breaking Wheel

As its name suggested, breaking wheel is a wooden wheel device, and this was also known as Catherine Wheel. It was used in torturing someone by tying him down on the wheel. Afterwards, the wheel would be pushed down the hillside together with the victim. The wheel would pass through on several things that can surely hurt the tortured person such as spikes and fire.

1. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

This was one extremely brutal way of torturing people in the past, which was widely used by the ancient leaders in England. What happened here would be the person was dragged towards the place of punishment or execution where people would be watching. He would then be hanged and drawn by disembowelling and castrating him. His genitalia would even be burnt, and then cut him in four slices.

These are the top 10 extremely frightening torture devices that you don’t want to experience. What a horrible experience it could be when you get tortured through any of these devices and methods, right?

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