Top 10 Famous Animal Astronauts Traveled Space

Before humans discovered that it is possible to live in the outer space, there were already several animals that were sent to the outer space, making them to be the first living things that reached the space.

In relation to this, here are the 10 famous animal astronauts that had able to land on space:

10. Mice in Space

Mice in Space

Mice are the common animals used for the outer space experiments. Contained in the “Albert” Series of V2 was a mouse, which was being launched towards the sky way back on August 31, 1950. In the year 1951, there were 11 mice that were being contained by the US Aerobee missile. In the year 1959, 14 mice were used as passengers of the Jupiter rocket.

9. Frogs in Space

Frogs in Space

Way back in the year 1970, NASA launched a particular space-related program known as the Orbiting Frog Otolith. In relation to this, 2 bullfrogs were sent to the orbit. This program was made in order to determine the big relation of weightlessness and the otolith. Otolith is actually an inner-ear mechanism in controlling equilibrium.

8. Guinea Pigs in Space

Guinea Pigs in Space

It was on March 9, 1961 when a guinea pig reached the outer space riding on the Soviet Sputnik 9. Together with the guinea pig were a dog, mice, reptiles, and a dummy cosmonaut. Luckily, all the animals came back to earth alive. Biosatellite FSW-1 3 was launched by China way back on October 5, 1990 and it contained guinea pigs and some other animals as well as 60 species of plants.

7. Newts in Space

Newts in Space

The 1985 Bion 7 mission tagged along some biological specimens like monkeys and the ten Iberian ribbed newts. The purpose of this was to gain some important information regarding the regeneration rates and injuries in the outer space. Newts were also utilized in some other space-related experiments such as the Mir Space Station, the 1995 Space Flyer Unit of Japan, the 1994 Columbia, and the 2005 Foton-M2 mission.

6. Cats in Space

Cats in Space

Way back on October year 1963, France sent a street cat on space through the Veronique AGI rocket. Such cat was named Felix. Luckily, the cat survived and returned to the earth. A week after the safe arrival of the first cat, the country launched another cat but the outcome was not that successful, unlike the first one.

5. Fish in Space

Fish in Space

In the year 1973, Skylab 3 flew to the outer space with a pair of fish known as mummichogs. This was the kind of fish chosen since it is known to survive even the most extreme condition. This is a small fish specimen that has been used in a number of research projects.

4. Turtles in Space

Turtles in Space

It was in the year 1968 when the very first turtles flew to the outer space. It happened exactly on September 15, 1968. Two turtles and some other biological specimens were sent to the space through the Zond 5 spacecraft launched by the Soviets. On September 21, the spacecraft returned to earth and the two turtles were found out to have shed some weight.

3. Dogs in Space

Dogs in Space

Dogs became the favorite animals of the Soviets that they sent on outer space experiments, specially during the 50s and 60s. The very first dogs that survived a spaceflight were Dezik and Tsygan. It happened way back in the year 1951.

2. Spiders in Space

Spiders in Space

It was in the year 1973 when a couple of garden spiders reached the outer space through the Skylab 3 spacecraft. These two spiders were named Anita and Arabella. This was a space experiment done by Judy Miles, who happened to be a student.

1. Monkeys in Space


Monkeys were used by the Air Force Aeromedical Laboratory “Albert” on their space-related experiments. Albert II was the very first money that reached the outer space, and it happened on June 14, 1949.

These are the 10 famous animal astronauts you should always know. Without a doubt, these animals played a significant role in discovering numerous amazing facts about the outer space.

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