Top 10 Funny Brilliant Office Pranks on April Fools’ Day

How about pulling a prank today?

April Fools’ Day is fast approaching. This day is exciting because our funny bones are usually tickled pink during the first day of April. Why? Because someone might just play a prank on that day!

Pranks are a part of everyday life. They break the monotony and seriousness of work and actually make the workplace a lot more bearable and enjoyable. Hence nobody really hates pranks.

This list will give you some nasty suggestions and ideas on what kind of pranks to pull – not only on April Fools Day but any given day – just make sure that the people around you are in a good mood as these pranks are very, very effective. Or else…

10. For Sale Prank

The daily newspaper or broadsheet is a very nice platform to play a prank – especially on your boss. Call your local daily and place an ad “on behalf” of your boss. Put on sale anything that belongs to him – his car, his house, a favorite gadget – anything! Then give his name, mobile number, email address, Facebook account and the best time to call, say during office hours. This is a pretty funny prank and everyone at work gets to observe how irate your boss is going to get at the end of the day.

9. Mixing Salt With Sugar

Coffee, anyone? Morning coffee is a very important drink in the office. It kickstarts everyone’s day in the office and puts everyone on work mode. But what do you think will happen if you mess up with the sugar in the office pantry? Take note that you need to arrive early at work to do this. Mix salt with sugar and put it near where the office people usually get coffee. Watch in amusement and laughter as your officemates display their odd faces as they innocently sip their cup of coffee!

8. Coffee switch!

This is another prank involving coffee. This time, switch decaffeinated coffee and espresso in the office pantry. This should make your officemates sleepy in the morning when work is just about to start and more alert in the afternoon as the day is about to wind down. Talk about messing their schedules and body clock!

7. I Resign

This is one effective way of getting everyone’s attention on April Fools’ Day! Write a resignation letter with the clumsiest of reasons and put it on the boss’ table or paste it on the office clipboard for everyone to read. At the end of the day, clarify though that you were just absolutely joking as they might really take it seriously.

6. Messing Up With Soap

Soap is also a great material to play pranks with. It is best when you use green coloring on the soap. Notice how puzzled people will get to notice that their hands seem to get dirtier as they use the soap. They will surely get annoyed, and you on the other hand, will have the time of your life!

5. Never Ending Ringing

Telephones can be very annoying sometimes. This is especially true when you use it in pranks! Tamper the office phone so that it continuously rings even when the one who answered it tries to pick the phone up and put it back down again. You will clearly see how annoyed and puzzled they are with this prank!

4. Gossip Prank

Rumors are always a nice way to do pranks. Spread an outrageous rumor about someone in the office. Just make sure though that the rumor is completely fabricated or out of this world as it could get really ugly and nasty if there were some semblance of truth to the rumor. The results are going to be very interesting!

3. Everything is Out of Order

This is simply one of the most annoying pranks ever! Put a sign on everything in the office claiming that it is out of order or malfunctioning – from the elevator to the vending machine to the office printer!

2. Can’t-Hear-You-Bye Prank

This is another prank using the telephone. Put some tape on the mouthpiece so that the caller does not hear you talk at all! This is actually a two way prank – pranking the caller and pranking the person who answers the call!

1. Pranking the Receptionist

Give your office receptionists weird animal names to call and unknowingly release the telephone number of zoos in the metro or the suburbs. Give names like Mr. Ji Raff or Ms. Elle Phant. See how annoyed your receptionist is going to get!

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