Top 10 Highest Followers Google+ Profile / Page in World

Google+ is another social media site that is gaining more and more popularity these days. It is owned by Google, of course. Here are the top 10 highest Google+ followers profile/page in the world nowadays:

10. Chelsea Football Club

Its official Google+ page already has 6,550,331 followers. This professional football club was founded in the year 1905. It is based in London, and it is one of the participating football teams in Premier League that happens to be the most prestigious football tournament in England.

9. Guy Kawasaki

He’s one of the brilliant minds in making Mcintosh very popular all over the world. The Technology Evangelism as well as the Evangelism Marketing are conceptualized by him. His official Google+ profile has a total of 6,951,915 followers.


It is a news magazine in the United States being published on a weekly basis. New York City is its publishing place. It was in 1923 when this magazine was founded. On March 3, 1923, its first issue was released. Here is the link of its Google+ page that has 7,466,959 followers,


It actually stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It is a global television channel based in the United States. ESPN, Inc. is the owner of this TV channel. Its main focus for airing is sports-related events. Its Google+ page has a total of 7,665,613 followers.


This is a social page that talks about UEFA Nations League. UEFA Nations League is also known as Champions League. It is a yearly professional football tournament organized by UEFA itself, or Union of European Football Associations. The total number of followers it has in its Google+ page is 7,881,837.

5. FC Barcelona

This football club of professional football players in Barcelona, Spain is existing for 115 years now. It was founded on November 29, 1899. The club’s head coach is none other than Luis Enrique. Visit and you will know that its page has 8,223,487 followers.

4. National Geographic

Formerly, this National Geographic Society’s official magazine was known as The National Geographic Magazine. Its first issue was published in the year 1888. It covers Nature, History, Science, and Geography. is the link of its Google+ page that already has 8,506,852 followers.

3. Coldplay

This British rock band is a product of UCL or University College London. Two students in this prestigious school namely, Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin, formed this particular band. It happened in the year 1996. Currently, its Google+ page has 8,778,099 followers.

2. The Economist

It is a multinational media firm that focuses on providing information regarding world affairs and international business. Its main office can be located in London, United Kingdom. Its brilliant founder was James Wilson. Its official Google+ page has now earned 9,163,377 followers.

1. Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment, a computer game developer based in Finland, is the one that created this exciting video game franchise. At first, this game was only applicable for iOS. But later on, a number of versions of this video game were created for the benefit of some other gadgets that are powered by other operating systems. As its Google+ page, already has 9,420,456 followers.

These are the top 10 Google+ profiles/pages in the world that has highest number of followers. If you love them, then don’t forget to click the follow button.

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