Top 10 Highest Pinterest Page / Profile Followers in World

Pinterest is an online community for those netizens who love personalizing their own collection of images, videos and some other media contents. These media contents are known as pins. This site is free. You only need to register. Here are the top 10 highest Pinterest page followers in the world:

10. Daniel Bear Hunley

He’s a southern gentleman, technology buff, and a self-acclaimed marketer. He loves styling especially about men’s styles as well as garden designs. In his Pinterest profile, he has 1,641 pins and 29 boards that include categories about Food, Interiors, Exteriors, Adventures, Southerner, Raise Your Spirits, Typography and Lettering, and Cabin on the Lake. He has a total of 683,617 followers in his Pinterest page.

9. Mike D

He’s an American man living in Philadelphia who is very active in Pinterest. In his page, he has 3,526 pins and 16 boards. These boards include topics about Design, Badgography, Typography, Identography, Infographicamania, Illustrative, GOOEY, Artsnob, and Cartography. His total number of followers in his Pinterest page is 688,256.

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8. Caitlin Cawley

With 1,486 pins and 32 boards, her Pinterest page has 711,524 followers. She is a graphic design student living in Boston. Some of the topics she has in her boards are Graphic Design Lust, Instax Summer & Style, My Art & Doodles, Artsy, and You’ve Got Style.

7. Maia McDonald

Maia is a very talented girl. She is Rue magazine’s art director, a graphic designer, and an online curator. She is also Williams-Sonoma’s creative coordinator. Her Pinterest profile includes 36 boards and 8,435 pins. 799,407 is the total followers she has in her page.

6. Evan Sharp

He’s a former architect, and he is one of the founders of Pinterest website. Since he used to be an architect, there is no question why some of his boards include topics about Architectural Moments and Architectural Sections. His Pinterest profile has 806,005 followers.

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5. Joy Cho

Joy Cho is a resident in Los Angeles, California. Her profession is a designer, and she is fond of blogging over the internet. She is very interested about brighter graphic designs and colors. Clothing, Hair, Recipes, and Architecture are some of the categories she has in her boards. She has 819,305 followers in her Pinterest profile

4. Jennifer Chong

She comes from Long Beach, California. She is a graphic designer in her place, so there is no question why she created her own Pinterest profile Some of the board categories she has are Food, Drinks, Season, Home, and Style. She has 877,759 followers.

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3. Ben Silbermann

He is among those brilliant founders of Pinterest, and he is the CEO of the said website. He comes from the United States. Some of the categories he has in his boards are Home Décor, Hobbies, and Events. The number of followers he has is 883,644.

2. Christine Martinez

She created her Pinterest account together with her dog named Miles. In her account, she has 5,468 pins and 42 boards with different topics such as Words to Live By, Sweets and Treats, Prints and Patterns, and Phodography. Her Pinterest profile has 987,031 followers.

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1. Jane Wang

She is actually the mother of the founder of Pinterest, and she has the most number of followers on her page. Some topics of her boards are Delicious, Delightful Design, Fun with Kids, Simplicity, Ideas, and Photography. The number of followers she has now in her Pinterest page is 2,389,154.

These are the top 10 highest Pinterest page followers in the world. They can be your inspirations in making Pinterest account.

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