Top 10 Modern Home Exterior Designs Trends 2015

Having your own house is certainly not an easy thing to do. You have to work extra harder in order to buy your own residential property. That does not stop there of course. Aside from minding about an excellent interior design, you also need to consider the best exterior design for your own house. Here the home exterior designs top 10 modern trends:

10. Luxury Modern Home Trend

Luxury Modern Home Trend

This exterior design is the basic one that you can see in a typical luxurious modern house. It is usually has wide lawn where children can play and do some other activities. The lawn is incorporated with a flower garden. It also has an open garage in front of the house.

9. Red Exterior Design

Red Exterior Design

As its name suggests, this exterior design has something to do with the color of your home exteriors. However, this must not be treated lightly. Keep in mind that the contour on painting the home exteriors with red paint is very important. You can incorporate some other colors, but be sure that the red one will dominate them all.

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8. Modern Home Trends with Swimming Pool

Modern Home Trends with Swimming Pool

The center of this kind of exterior design is the swimming pool of course. The swimming pool outside your house will do the thing, as far as exterior design is concerned. However, this is not just a typical swimming pool you can see anywhere. The pool must be designed well and accentuated with several accessories.

7. White Exterior Design

White Exterior Design

It is about home exteriors that are painted with white paint. Since the color white symbolizes simplicity and purity, you must make sure that your house is designed modernly and with so much strict guidelines for details. With this, your house won’t look too simple and boring to look at.

6. Small Modern Home Design

Small Modern Home Design

This exterior design is applicable for smaller houses of course. There must be a smaller lawn area in which a smaller garden is also incorporated. A smaller covered garage is at the side of the house. However, you can choose to make this garage open. It is actually plain and simple design but with a touch of modernity and luxury.

5. Magic Exterior Design

Magic Exterior Design

As its name suggests, this exterior design must be magical or something mysterious. In other words, there must be something in your home exteriors that will put people in the state of awe. It is an unusual design.

4. Modern Home Design Trend

Modern Home Design Trend

This exterior design is the one that you can see in luxurious and modern houses in any high-end and classy subdivision. The design has very complicated details and shape. The materials used are even oozing with modernity.

3. South Indian Style House

South Indian Style House

This exterior design is something that is promoting the life of South Indian people. The design’s complicated details up to the color are dominantly covered with Indian ambience and spirit, perfect for those Indian design lovers.

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2. Modern Home Exterior Design Ideas

Modern Home Exterior Design Ideas

This design has been one of the best choices of many homeowners nowadays. The outside look has very complicated details. You can incorporate your modern ideas here. You just have to talk to your home exterior designer.

1. Mediterranean House Design

Mediterranean House Design

This is the number one home exterior designed chosen by many. Its ambience, details, and colors are definitely inspired by Mediterranean spirits. It is something relaxing to the eyes. This is actually the combination of conventionality and modernity.

These are the top 10 home exterior designs that are inspired with modernity and luxury. Know them all and have your own house designed like these.

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