Top 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Proposals Ever

Wedding proposals are absolutely what women would want to hear from their boyfriends the moment they become ready and prepared to get married. With this, the proposals must be very special to the extent that they can never forget the exact moment. This is why thoughtful men want their wedding proposals to be done in a romantic and unforgettable way. In this regard, here are the top 10 most beautiful wedding proposals ever:

10. The Umbrella Proposal

This wedding proposal was done by a man named Sean Palmgren to his girlfriend named Betsy. He even asked the participation of their family and friends in the said proposal. Their family and friends held umbrellas that were marked with letters involved in the question, “Will You Marry Me?”.

9. An Artistic Wedding Proposal

This extremely romantic and artistic wedding proposal was an idea of an industrial engineer named George. This was his creative way of proposing to his girlfriend Sara. George spent 4 days of making the proposal possible, with his personal computer helpful in making a 3D art exhibition for the said proposal.

8. Romeo and Juliet Like Proposal

Believe it or not, such beautiful wedding proposal had cost for around £10,000. It was the proposal of a Ukrainian man named Gennady Zaleskiy to his girlfriend Victoria. What he did was hire a theatrical group and organized a play where he was the lead actor. It was in the middle of the play when the wedding proposal happened.

7. A Fire-Filled Wedding Proposal

This scary yet beautiful wedding proposal was done by Todd to the love of his life Malissa. Todd planned such way of proposing with the company of his friend Eric. Dressed in a completely fire-proof outfit, Todd was set on fire through the help of Eric in order to grab the attention of everybody. He then jumped into the pool and when he got out, he knelt down and propose to his girlfriend.

6. Wedding Proposal on Television

This was done by a man named Rand to his girlfriend Geraldine. He originally wanted to propose during the commercial advertisement of Super Bowl since he’s a fan of NFL. But since he had no funds for it, he opted to propose through a local television show, and he thankfully made it.

wedding proposal

5. Wedding Proposal through Tom Cruise

Cameraman Joao Martins asked the help of the famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise in proposing to his girlfriend named Sonia. It was done on a television program in Portugal way back in the year 2014.

4. Virtually Real Proposal

This beautiful proposal was done by an avid gamer man to his online gamer woman. What happened was that they play together in the online game known as Halo 3. When they reached a particular area in the game, the girlfriend was shocked when she read the words, “Marry Me?”.

3. Hacking Video Game Proposal

Bernie Peng hacked a video game known as Bejeweled just to do his beautiful and unique wedding proposal to his girlfriend Tammy Li. Instead of getting mad, the developers of the game found it really sweet and admire Bernie Peng for doing such.

2. Skydiving Proposal

This was done by Mateo Martinez to his girlfriend when they were 20,000 feet from the ground. This is really an extreme thing done in a wedding proposal, but Mateo’s girlfriend couldn’t say anything but a big YES.

1. A Cloud 9 Proposal

It was done by Alex to his girlfriend named Graciela Asturias during her 27th birthday. They were onboard in an aircraft known as Boeing 727 along with the other passengers. They were taken to an altitude near zero gravity. Alex did the proposal the moment they were floating on the cabin.

These are the top 10 most beautiful wedding proposals ever. Certainly, these wedding proposals are beyond compare.

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