Top 10 Most Common Fearable Things in Human

It is believed that every person has their own sets of fears. Sometimes, these fears are also termed phobias. These fears may cause a serious problem in our lives if these fears or phobias are not attended right away. Here are the top 10 fearable things of today’s generation:

10. Flying


Lots of people are having fears about flying in the air. They can’t even dare to ride in an air vehicle like airplane all because of this abnormal amount of fear. The term of this fear is aerophobia. The intense fear of flying or traveling by air may badly affect your entire life.

 9. Dogs


Cynophobia is the right term used for the abnormal fear towards dogs. Even though dogs are intelligent and they’re considered to be man’s bestfriend, it’s still undeniable that many people are afraid of dogs. One reason why this fear is developed in one’s inner aspects is the experience of being surrounded by dogs ready to bite them during childhood days.

8. Spiders


Arachnophobia is the fear being seriously felt when you see spiders. The spiders’ spindly legs can be the reasons why people have fear on these creatures. Jon May, a Psychology professor, explained that this fear exists because people know how unpredictable spiders are when they move. Their appearance also intensifies the fear just like its darker colors and angular-shaped legs.

7. Rats


There are people who find rats very cute animals. However, there are some individuals who don’t like rats to the extent that they feel afraid to see and feel them with their hands. Musophobia is the term use for the fear of rats.

6. Death


Thanatophobia is another abnormal fear that is very common these days. It is the fear of dead things or death, itself. The other name of the fear of death is necrophobia. This fear can certainly affect your daily living, so make sure to conquer it.

5. Blood


Without blood, a person can never live for sure. However, it is undeniable that there are many people who are too afraid to see blood, even it is their own blood. They may react hysterically when they see blood. One reason for this is they may remember the fact that they will eventually die.

4. Heights


When you are on top of a very high building or a mountain, it’s of course normal to feel afraid. Nonetheless, it will be another story if the fear your feel is too intense to the extent that you’re losing your breath anymore. This intense fear of heights is felt by many people, and this is called acrophobia.

3. Darkness


Dark places are the common areas where bad things happen like crimes. This is why people are afraid to stay in the dark. They even think that they may haunted by ghosts when they are in dark areas. Lygophobia is the term for abnormal fear of darkness.

2. Thunderstorms


Thunder and lighting exist because of certain reasons. This can be explained by science. However, this doesn’t help in stopping or conquering the fear of many people in lighting and thunder. Astraphobia is the term for this abnormal fear.

1. Snakes


These reptiles are listed in the top 10 deadliest animals that can be seen nowadays. Their venoms may get you paralyzed that can then lead to sudden death. These are some reasons why many people are afraid of snakes. The abnormal fear for these reptiles is called ophidiophobia.

These are the top 10 fearable things that everyone must consider. Conquering these fears are important so that your life won’t be badly affected.

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