Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Attraction In The World

When we talk about tourist attraction, we refer to something that will attract a tourist to visit a site may be for the purpose of recreation or learning something new. But there are other tourist attractions which are controversial in the sense that, they at times end up being horror visits to the tourists. Some of these sites include

10. Padaung Karen Reserve In Thailand

Padaung Karen Reserve In Thailand

In Thailand, there is a secluded group of over 500,000 women, they are the Padaung Karen. They live in an artificial hill near the Chiang Rai which has been set up for the purpose of tourism. These women are fitted with brass rings which elongate their necks, deforms their chests and shoulders, earning them the name “the long neck women”. Tourists flock in this area to have a glimpse of these women and in exchange, they pay dollars to the Thai government. Though the government lies that this money is used to maintain these women, it is unlikely so as the women are said to be stateless.

9. London Dungeon in UK

London Dungeon in UK

It is a London dungeon which is a tourist attraction that recreates macabre and gory historical events in a gallows humor style for young audiences. They mix live actors, rides and special effects come up with the humor. It is horrific to create humor out of someone else’s suffering  yet this place has become one of the premier attractions in London.

8. Antarctica


It is an uninhabited mass of rock, penguins and ice which is lawless. It is such a fine place to be dumbfounded, inspired and humbled and ofcourse, the ultimate destination of tourism to go visiting with friends. Some time back, it was inaccessible and it was impossible to visit. It use to be visited by only few explorers and scientists, but now it is open to tourists during the summer time in the Southern Hemisphere. Nowadays there are concerns that some visitors could be bringing seeds and diseases to disrupt the quiet life of the Antarctica.

 7. North Korea

North Korea

North Korea could pass for a prominent magnet of dramatic mountain scenery, waterfalls, pristine lagoons and amazing Buddhists temples, but it turns out that it is the least visited country. The reason behind it is that, when you visit, due to its weapons programs and inhumane practices, you will always be accompanied by a government appointed guide who will give you fake historical accounts and crazy plastic speeches thus denying you the real experience.

6. Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng is a tourist town which lies on the Nam Song river. Its most noted features are the Karst hill landscape which surrounds the town.  It is a city which is deep in the jungle of Laos and it is known for its lawlessness; drugs, drowning and violence. Several tourists have lost their lives while visiting this town.

5. Jarawa Reserve of Andaman Islands

Jarawa Reserve of Andaman Islands

Jarawa are the indigenous group of people who live on the Andaman Islands in India. Due to human rights advocacy, tourists have been banned within a five kilometer radius around the Jarawa Tribal Reserve in order to protect them.

4. Plastinarium in Guben, Germany

Plastinarium in Guben, Germany

“Plastination” is the reserve of a body for study purposes,  but it can also be used as a source of revenue. In Dr. Gunther Von Hagen’s Museum, you will encounter techniques of dissection which are presented interactively using real human bodies being involved in various activities. It is a venture which is a tourist attraction,  though it has raised controversy in some quarters. Though it is used for study purposes, some people are wondering if it was really necessary to seat the skeletons doing the various activities like playing poker etc.

3. Devil’s Island in French Guiana

Devil’s Island in French Guiana

This is the third largest island of the Illes Du Salut island group in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 14km off the coast of French Guiana in South America north of Kourou. It has a run down cells, infant cemetery and prison headquarters and is normally referred to as the the Green Hell. It is known for being the one island where thousands of convicts died in horrific conditions.

2. Dharavi Slum In Mumbai India

Dharavi Slum In Mumbai India

This is Asia’s largest slum which lies in the middle of India’s financial capital, Mumbai. Over a million people live here. If you happen to tour it, it will leave sobering memories as this people live in dire poverty.

1. Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, USA

Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, USA

It all started after the Hurricane Katrina when people started touring the Lower Ninth Ward and the residents were not happy at being pried at as if they were sideshow animals in a zoo. Though a ban on tourism to the area was enacted, tourists still sneak in.

Touring where you are not welcomed, that is what is happening in the above places.

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