Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Watches in 2015

Today, almost all people worldwide are wearing their own watch. It is one of the common accessories worn by people. However, have you ever asked yourself about the most expensive watches the world has to offer? Do you have any idea about it? Well then, here are the top 10 most expensive watches in the world:

10. Breguet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12

Breguet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12

This is a pocket watch made of 18-Karat gold. It’s hand-engraved and it has a secure watch chain that will help you in keeping this expensive watch well. Believe it or not, its price reaches as much as $734,000.

9. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication

Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication

Its $800,000 is just right to this watch since it is made with so much dedication and luxury. A crocodile skin is the material used in making its strap. On the other hand, platinum is used on its case. Its engine parts are handmade and come to think of it, it has 740 pieces of components, making it to be a very complicated watch to make.

8. Louis Moinet Magistralis

Louis Moinet Magistralis

This watch is stylishly designed, causing it to display a great posh. Perpetual calendar mechanism is featured in this watch. What makes it very expensive for the price of $860,000 is the fact that it has meteorite material that is said to be found in the moon.

7. Hublot Black Caviar Bang

Hublot Black Caviar Bang

When this watch was released on 2009, a lot of people are amazed by its unique design and image. Its 18-carat white gold and 501 baguette-cut black diamonds materials are simply enough reasons why it is priced $1 million.

6. Chopard Super Ice Cube

Chopard Super Ice Cube

This amazing watch for women has dual purpose; it can function as bracelet and a watch. This Swiss company made watch is priced $1.1 million and it is probably because of its 60-karat diamonds used in making it.

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5. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

This is actually not just a plain expensive watch, but a great piece of modern art as well. It is a two-faced watch. On its side is the night sky and on the front is where you can see the moon phases and the date. This $1.3 million worth watch is made by Patek Philippe.

4. Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle

Vacheron Constantin is the manufacturer of this watch. This is a world-renowned watch manufacturer. This watch is made of 18-Karat gold and a non-reflective glass made from blue sapphire. This is why it priced $1.5 million.

3. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

It is said that there is only one Platinum World Time that is ever made. Its manufacturing year was way back in 2002. What is even the best about this watch it is can adjust to whatever time zone you are in. This is priced $4 million.

2. Supercomplication


This pocket is especially for a rich banker named Henry Graves Jr. It took 5 years before Patek Philippe finished making this watch made from 18-karat gold. Its price is $11 million.

1. Chopard 210 karat

Chopard 210 karat

Believe it or not, this is the most expensive watch the world has to offer. It is priced $26 million. This watch actually looks like a bracelet. It is simply because it is surrounded with 201 karats colored diamonds.

These are the top 10 most expensive watches in the world. If you are very interested about watches, then you must know all of them.

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