Top 10 Most Famous Reality TV Shows Ever

Today, one of the booming industries in the entire world is the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is filled with a number of celebrities who are very important individuals in making movies and television shows. Good examples of interesting television shows are the reality TV shows. These are the top 10 reality TV shows ever:

10. American Pickers

American Pickers

This reality television series in the US started to be aired on January 18, 2010. It is aired on History Channel and its producer is the A&E Television Networks. This May 2015, its 8th season will be aired in the television.

9. Project Runway

Project Runway

This reality television series is formerly aired in the Bravo Network, but it is transferred to Lifetime Network just recently. The show is all about a certain number of designers who are competing to each other through their fashionable and unique designs. It is hosted by the famous model and actress Heidi Klum.

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8. Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

Aired in History Channel, this reality TV series is all about the things that are happening daily in the “World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Leftfield Pictures is the brilliant producer of this show, and the setting is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

7. Cash Cab

Cash Cab

Adam Wood is the brilliant creator of this reality show that is originally aired in the United Kingdom. But since a lot of network owners all over the world are attracted to this show, franchise has been made available. This is actually a game show that gives chance to the fortunate passenger of a specially-outfitted taxi to win money by answering some trivia questions.

6. Wipeout


This is another American game show Peter Tomarken. This show was aired from September 12, 1988 until June 9, 1989. Dames-Fraser Productions was its producer and the authorized distributor was the CBS Television Distribution. Later on, it was re-aired from 1989 until 1991 through the USA Network.

5. Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs

This show is all about Mike Rowe who is filmed while doing difficult and messy jobs together with the typical employees. It is aired on the Discovery Channel. Pilgrim Films & Television is the producer of this show. Such show however, is only aired 3 times. The first one was in 2003. The second one was in 2005 and the third one was in 2012.

4. Top Chef

Top Chef

This American reality show is all about chefs who are competing to one another in several culinary challenges. In every episode, one or more of them will be eliminated. The elimination will be based on their performance that is judged with a panel of professional chefs. Magical Elves Productions is the creator of this show.

3. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen

This is another reality show that focuses on cooking competition. It is aired on Fox, and it is hosted by a famous celebrity chef named Gordon Ramsay. Originally, it is a television series in the United Kingdom, which is adapted by the US television industry later on.

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2. The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

This reality game show is very exciting. It is all several teams composed of two persons racing on one another around the world. Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri are the creators of this amazing show.

1. Survivor


In this reality game show, participants are isolated in a certain island where there are no foods and some other basic things needed for living. Charlie Parsons, who is a British television producer, is the one who created this show.

These shows are really amazing to watch. If you haven’t watched them yet, then why not search for some videos on them online now.

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