Top 10 Most Favorite Sandwiches in USA

American people are mostly known as the junk foodies. The junk foods includes burgers, sandwiches etc. The sandwich lovers can be found everywhere in the world. But the ratio of sandwich lovers in America is very high as the people in USA want to eat only the junk. A sandwich is often taken as a complete meal as it provides almost 525 calories per serving.

According to Datassential, thousands of Americans love to eat different types of sandwiches. Among the sandwiches, Turkey and Ham sandwiches topped the list in kinds of sandwiches. By sorting the top sandwich shops in USA, following are short listed for only 10 best. Have a check on them.

10. Roast Pork

Standing out on number 10th, the Roast Pork Sandwich is among the best sandwich in USA. The most famous sandwich is available in the shop of Meat Hook Sandwich that attracts a number of sandwich lovers. The sandwich is famous because of its rich, smoky flavor that provides a best combination with the Beer.

9. The Roast Beef Sandwich

The sandwich is extended throughout the USA. The sandwich shop Kelly’s stands on number 9th as their roast beef sandwich is probably the best sandwich that anyone has tasted. The reason of the popularity is just the thin slices of the beef with the tempting desired toppings with a sesame roll.

8. No.1 Italian Beef

The shop where this sandwich is available located in Chicago and is the number 8th famous sandwich shop in United States. Their specialty is the Italian beef sandwich that is tender and very delicious to eat, when served with hot peppers, provolone and giardiniera.

7. The Southern Belly

Sandwiches of Big Bad Breakfast Sandwich shop are mouthwatering that creates your appetite even when you are full. The main attraction of this sandwich shop is the ‘The southern Belly’ that is claimed to be best representative of the flavors of South making it the top 7th best sandwich throughout America.

6. The Gypsy Grove

The restaurant, Food Head is located in the city of Austin. The Food Heads is the cozy casual restaurant that is famous for its ‘Gypsy Grove’. The Gypsy Grove is the juicy and tender sandwich treat with the grilled ham and pork. It is spicy, rich and smoky exactly what you need to fill your hunger.

5. Classic Cuban sandwich

The sandwich shop known as Las Olla’s Cafe is located in Miami. The shop is famous for its Classic Cuban Sandwiches. The Cuban sandwiches are really famous in Florida because they are affordable and also very delicious. Buttered bread, mustard toppings and the pork thin slices make it the number 5th famous sandwich in the America.

4. Pork Shoulder and Belly Banh Mi

The sandwich shop where this number 4th famous sandwich is available is located in the city of Los Angeles. Phorage is the 4th most famous sandwich shop in USA. The shop is very well famous for its Pork Shoulder and Belly Banh Mi the topping with mayo and mustard with the grilled cucumbers.

3. The Cheesesteak

Tony Luke is located in Philadelphia.Tony Luke is the top 3rd sandwich shop in USA. Tony Luke’s Cheesesteak is famous across the America. The cheesy sandwich is really mouthwatering when served with fried onions. That is why it is the top 3rd famous sandwich of USA.

2. Prime Rib Sandwich

Kroll’s is regarded as the one of the best sandwich shop in America; it is located in the Green Bay. It is famous for the Prime Rib sandwich which is a beef sandwich topped with sliced tomato, onion, mustard and buttered bun making it the second best sandwich shop in America.

1. The Crunchy Chicken Sandwich

The Local foods in Houston stand on number 1st ranking in the best sandwich shops in USA as there is the USA’s top sandwich available. The shop is famous for its crunchy chicken sandwich; the sandwich is extremely crunchy and mouthwatering. The topping is extremely delicious and tempting.

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