Top 10 Most Successful LGBT People

The 21st century will probably go down in history as the era where LGBT people found emancipation. Ever since history began, the world’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community had experienced repression and suppression in various forms. Discrimination, in reality, is still being felt by many LGBT people coming from conservative societies even up to this day. Nevertheless, it can not be denied that the world in general has grown to be more accepting of the LGBT community.

A lot of LGBT people had been very successful in their careers and professions. This list will let you in on the top 10 most successful and richest LGBT people in the world today.

10. Tim Cook – Net worth:$400 million

Tim Cook

Cook is none other than the CEO of Apple. He officially made his sexual orientation public in an interview with Businessweek back in 2014. This public admission was a bit of a misnomer though – as Cook never hid his homosexuality from his family and friends. He mentioned that his announcement merely aimed to inspire other members of the LGBT community to do the same.

9. Jann Wenner – Net worth: $700 million

Jann Wenner

Media mogul Wenner is the owner of the magazines Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and US Weekly Magazine. Although his closest family and friends knew him to be gay since the late 60’s, Wenner tried to keep this a secret – even marrying a woman and having a family. He divorced his wife in 1985 to start dating men.

8. Chris Hughes – Net worth: $800 million

Chris Hughes

Hughes is currently the editor-in-chief of The New Republic Magazine. What some people don’t know is that he was the roommate of Mark Zuckerberg, and he was one of the five people who pioneered the creation of Facebook – even becoming its very first spokesperson. Hughes is a Harvard graduate and is currently married to his partner.

7. Michael Kors – Net worth: $1 billion

Michael Kors

Kors owns a fashion brand that specializes on women’s wear. He is most prominently seen in the reality television show Project Runway. Coming out of bankruptcy, he re-established himself in the fashion world in 2004, and his brand is now one of the strongest listed fashion brands in the United States.

6. Peter Thiel – Net worth: $2.2 billion

Peter Thiel

Thiel is the other half of the duo that established Paypal, which is currently the world’s largest online banking system. He also has a significant stake on Facebook, getting a sizeable revenue from the social media giant in the last few years. He came out as gay in 2003, as he wanted to change the straight male-dominated corporate world.

5. Stefano Gabbana – Net worth: $2.3 million

Stefano Gabbana

Gabbana is the other half of the Italian fashion giant Dolce and Gabbana, which ever since its inception, has lorded it over the fashion world. Established in 1980, Gabbana had established for himself a place in the fashion world that cannot be taken over by anyone else. Despite breaking it off with his business and romantic partner, the brand continues to fly high.

4. Domenico Dolce – Net worth:$2.5 billion

Domenico Dolce

Dolce is the other half of the fashion giant Dolce and Gabbana as well as the former romantic partner of Stefano Gabbana. Dolce was never in denial of his sexuality and even celebrates it openly. After all, the fashion world is replete with members of the LGBT community and Dolce was very much at home and comfortable with it.

3. Jennifer Pritzker – Net worth: 2.6 billion

Jennifer Pritzker

Formerly James Pritzker, he underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2013 and is the first member of America’s wealthiest families to have undergone such a procedure. His family, the Pritzkers, own the Hyatt hotel chains, which is ubiquitous in many global cities.

2. Jon Stryker – Net worth: 2.8 billion

Jon Stryker

Stryker is the head of the Stryker Corps., a giant supplier of medical equipment and software across many medical centers in the United States and Canada. He is openly gay and has donated large sums of money to fight for gay rights across the United States.

1. David Geffen – Net worth: $7 million

David Geffen

Media mogul Geffen tops the list as the wealthiest and most successful member of the LGBT community. He founded Geffen Records and Asylum and was one of Steven Spielberg’s partners when the latter founded Dreamworks Pictures. He also owns more than $1 billion of Apple Stocks.

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