Top 10 Popular Festival Events in America

A festival is an event that is staged by a community to celebrate some unique aspects of their culture and traditions. Every region has its own festivals so as USA. But the festivals and events of the United States of America are quite different and entertaining then the other regions. USA celebrates many different festivals like music festivals, food festivals, art and craft festivals, beer festivals and many more.

Depending upon the size and popularity of the festivals of United States of America, the top events of them are listed below.

10. International Cherry Blossom Festival

International Cherry Blossom Festival

This festival is held in the city of Macon in US, every spring. Macon is known as the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. This festival is arranged in March of every year and the Macon becomes the pink cotton spun paradise of over 30,000 cherry trees blossom around Downtown. This festival has also been recognized by IFEA award. This festival is celebrated in USA since 56 years.

9. Daytona 500

Daytona 500

This is a 500 mile long race that is held every year in Daytona, Florida. This race is also called as NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The Daytona 500 race is considered as the most important race on NASCAR calendar.

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8. Portland Rose Festival

Portland Rose Festival

It has been attending by more than 2 million people over a hundred years ago. This festival begins at the end of the May and ends in mid of June. Grand Floral Parade is the most awaited event of this parade.

7. Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration

USA celebrates its independence day on July 4. Washington DC is the best place where the independence celebrations take place. The celebrations consist of the marching parades of more than 100 marching units. The show of Fireworks and National Symphony Orchestra frames a very exciting picture of this festival.

6. Christmas


It is one of the most important festivals of USA. People of USA celebrate Christmas in a special way. They celebrate the whole state like a bride on the Christmas Eve. They decorate their houses, streets and the Christmas trees in order show love towards the Jesus.

5. Halloween


Halloween also emerges as the one of the popular festival in USA. Throughout the state, the whole USA celebrates the ghost season. The people dress up in weird costumes. And so this, the whole nation plays dress up for a day. So it is placed on number 5.

4. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

On the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, more than 60 parades roll during the two weeks before fat Tuesday. This is a family focused festival and also celebrates a children parade. It is one of the most important festivals of USA.

3. Mummer’s Parade

Mummer’s Parade

This festival starts in the beginning of the year on 1st It is also an internationally known brand and one of the top events on the USA. It is a full of music Parade that consists of participants in their lavish costumes.

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2. Tournament of roses parade and Rose Bowl Game

Tournament of roses parade and Rose Bowl Game

This festival was started in 1890. Around millions of people celebrate this festival that is why it stands on number 2. This parade features the beautiful and magnificent floral floats. The rose bowl game is as much famous as the rose parade.

1. Discover Orange Bowl

Discover Orange Bowl

It is the best popular sporting event that involves all kind of sports and social programs. It takes place in Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, and South Florida. It is also one of the top New Year Games and it secures the rank 1 in USA’s top best events.

So if you get a chance to visit USA, then don’t miss these festivals.

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