Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World 2015

YouTube is a popular video site where you can thousands or even millions of videos uploaded all over the world. This is where you can see the viral videos that are hot topics in several online media sites. Watching music videos and even downloading them are also made possible through this website. To many, this site is the reason why they are now extremely famous with incredible earnings. Here are the 2015’s top 10 richest YouTubers the world has to offer.

10. RealAnnoyingOrange

This video acquires 2.1 billion views at the moment. It was created by the brilliant man himself, Dane Boedigheimer. Because of the incredible success of this video, it has now a television show in Cartoon Network channel. Boedigheimer earned $3.4 million for this video. Here’s the link

9. UberHaxorNova

UberHaxorNova is also known as Nova. Most of his videos feature himself and his friends who are enjoying video games. What made the videos interesting to watch are the funny commentaries included. The maximum number of views his videos have acquired is 1.3 billion. This then allows him to earn $3.5 million. Here’s one sample of his video

8. RayWilliamJohnson

The maximum number of views acquired by his videos at the moment is 2.7 billion. This allows him to earn $4 million. Many of the American television programs have lesser views compared to his videos. His recent viral videos are the web series titled “Equals 3”. Check out this link

7. TobyGames

His videos are all about Toby Joe Turner who tried to play Minecraft and Slender but always fails. The videos acquired 1.7 billion views, making him earn $4.2 million. One other video he upload to YouTube that is the Tobuscus. Here is the link

6. JennaMarbles

Two of popular videos under the name of this YouTuber are titled How to Mildly Annoy Other People and What Your Bra Means. Her videos actually featured herself as well as her pets. She acquired 1.5 billion views from her videos, causing to earn $4.3 million. Check this link

5. BluCollection

The videos are actually focused on toys. These are sure hits for many children worldwide. The videos acquire 1.7 billion views. What you can see in these videos are hands that hold the toys while hearing the disembodied voice. The YouTuber earned $4.8 million. Here is his sample video

4. DisneyCollectorBR

The videos from this YouTuber acquired 2.6 billion views. Just like with the BluCollection, the videos also feature hands and toys. It is said that the owner of these videos is the wife of the BluCollection YouTuber. Her earning reaches $5 million. Watch this link

3. Smosh

Smosh is actually owned by 2 persons. They are Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The videos feature the duo with their comedy acts. Smosh earned $5.7 million and there is no question about that since the videos are still very popular even at the moment. Here’s the link

2. Yogscast

Lewis and Simon are the two brilliant minds behind Yogscast. Actually, it is originally called BlueXephos. It is a comedy gaming video that features a handsome spaceman and a drunken dwarf. The YouTuber earned $6.7 million for this. Check out his video

1. PewDiePie

He’s a Swedish YouTuber who earned $7 million from his videos. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. His videos acquired 5.4 billion views, making him earn $7 million. Here’s the link

These are the 2015’s top 10 richest YouTubers the world has to offer. Their hard work in making their videos really paid off.

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