Top 10 Shortest Athletes of All Times

Though we are used to associating athletes with their massive builds and egos, it is not always the case with all the athletes. There are athletes who have left a mark in their respective fields of sports such as boxing, baseball fields, or golf course, yet their physique was small; being less than 5’9” or less.Let us look at the top 10 shortest athletes of all times

10. Frederick Ingram

Frederick Ingram

He was born in 1888 and played at international level in England. 1909 is the year he started playing his professional career after playing in several football clubs. He was referred to as a diminutive winger due to his size; 5 feet 2 inches tall. He was nicknamed fanny due to his small size yet he was one of the best players in his league who went on to win matches for his team. He died in 1949.

9. Jack Shapiro

Jack Shapiro

He was a great football player who had a knack for the game. He was the shortest player of the National Football League during his time. Despite being 5 feet and 1 inch tall, he was determined to play the game and he became one of the famous football star. He died at the age of 93.

8. Jim Bradford

Jim Bradford

He was an Australian footballer who, despite his small size, was a football star. He is widely known to be the shortest Australian to play for the national team as he was only 5 feet tall. His height was never a hindrance for him to become a superstar in the world of football.

7. Tich Cornford

Tich Cornford

Though he was only 5 feet tall, he was one of the greatest men in the world of cricket, running around the ball and playing excellent wicket keeping. He was born in 1900 as Walter Latter Conford  but later on was nicknamed Tich due to his height. He died in 1964.

6. Julie Krone

Julie Krone

Her name entered into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 2000, becoming the first woman to do so. She is an American Jockey who is retired from the game. She  is 4 feet 10.5 inches. She is a renown horse rider who is well accomplished and has won  several races. Despite the several injuries she got during the race, she still stands among the iconic sports individuals and an inspiration to women across the globe.

5. Dylan Mark Postl

Dylan Mark Postl

When talking about professional wrestlers, tall and beefed individuals is what comes into mind. But Dylan Mark defied this definition. He is an American midget professional wrestler who is 4 feet and 5 inches.  He created a buzz in the wrestling world in WWE 2005 when he won the title of the world’s sexiest midget. Other titles to his shoulders include the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. He has also acted in films like Muppets Most Wanted in 2014, and the Leprechaun Origins in 2014 too.

4. Lionel Giroux

Lionel Giroux

Also known by the name Little Beaver, ignored those who discouraged him and went ahead to win titles. At the age of 15, he had already started his career in wrestling. He was only 4 feet and 4 inches tall yet he wrestled to each big buck. He made history when he was roped up into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. He died in 1995 due to empysema.

3. Eddie Gaedel

Eddie Gaedel

He was only 3 feet and 7 inches tall American who, despite his dwarfism, was still renowned for his participation in a Major League Baseball game. He was known to be the best midget and golly who played in reputable games. He died mysteriously as reported that, an unknown person beat him  up while on his way home.

2. Henry Franklyn

Henry Franklyn

He was a Canadian ice hockey player of the 19th century who had a revolutionary style of playing. He was only 3 feet 6 inches tall yet made an impact in the ice hockey game. He was awesome at his game and had all the best tricks known for the game. He was the team captain who inspired his players by skills and determination.

1. Aditya Dev

Aditya Dev

He was only 2 feet 9 inches tall yet he was an entertainer, brilliant dancer and a body builder who did not underrate himself due to his physique. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized him as the smallest bodybuilder in the world in the year 2006. He was popular due to his talent and this made him do many television appearances. He died in 2012 after suffering from a brain aneurysm rupture.

Am sure after reading the article, you have learned that, dwarfism is not an inability to achieve fame. Share with others on social media so that they can utilize whatever height they have to become famous.

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