Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Donald Trump

You’re fired!!!

This was Donald Trump’s infamous line in the reality show The Apprentice. People love him for his candor, straightforward attitude, and innovative viewpoints. Still, others hate him for exactly the same thing.

But perhaps there are more things to learn about this property magnate than meets the eye. Here, you are about to find out ten things about Donald Trump that you probably did not know before.

Donald Trump

10. He is a multi billionaire

A lot of people may already know this but it is safe to say that Trump really is one of America’s oligarchs. Over the years, he has built an empire of hotels, casinos, real estate, and other very successful business ventures. Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, so to speak, his family background and business acumen greatly contributed to his success.

9. He has filed for bankruptcy

Trump’s acquisition of the Taj Mahal Casinos and Resorts in 1988 led to mounting financial problems and eventually – bankruptcy – which he declared in 1991. He solved his financial issues when he decided to sell 50% ownership of Taj Mahal Casinos, close his small airline company, and sell his luxurious yacht.

8. He called for a ban on Muslims to enter the USA

His highly controversial speech in December 2015, in reaction to problems brought about by terrorism and extremism, prompted many of his business partners to sever ties with him. First to dissociate themselves with him were Trump’s partners in Trump Towers Istanbul, a property he built in the capital of predominantly Muslim Turkey.

7. He used to have a share on social media giant Facebook

Trump used to have a very small and fleeting share in the ownership of Facebook – which is now social media’s tallest giant. He sold his shares and made some 4 million dollars out of this. He considered this a very minor investment.

6. He used to make money producing beauty pageants

From 1996 until 2015, Trump co-owned the Miss Universe pageant – one of the world’s longest running and most prestigious beauty contests. Trump also co-owned the pageant’s sister organizations – Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. He sold all his business interests in these pageants in 2015, when his partner-broadcaster, NBC, pulled out due to Trump’s damaging remarks on the Mexican immigrants and the Latino community in general.

5. He has appeared in movies and in television series as HIMSELF

Trump can claim film and television credits for his appearance in various movies as caricatures of himself such as Home Alone 2 starring Macaulay Culkin and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He has also guest starred in television sitcoms like The Nanny and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

4. His favorite entertainment fare is wrestling

Trump is known in his inner circles as a big wrestling fan. In fact, he has hosted major wrestling matches in his Trump Plaza in more than one occasion. He was even interviewed at the ringside during Wrestlemania XX and has been inducted in the WWE Celebrity Hall of Fame in 2013.

3. He is very unpopular in the United Kingdom

Trump’s controversial policies on illegal immigration and his desire to ban Muslims in entering the United States has drawn the ire of one of America’s long-standing allies – the UK. A petition has recently been filed online demanding the British government to ban Trump in the UK. Within a matter of days, the online petition already had more than 500,000 signatures.

2. He is particularly drawn to women from Eastern Europe and the Baltics

Trump has always had a fascination with European women- especially those that come from countries like Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, among others. Analysts say that the relatively high placements of women coming from these countries at the Miss Universe pageant, when it was still owned by Trump, can be linked directly to Trump’s powerful influence.

1. He tried to woo Princess Diana towards dating him

According to writers, Donald Trump bombarded Princess Diana with flowers and gifts after her divorce from Prince Charles was finally made official in the 90’s. This was one venture though where the Trump power did not succeed.

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