Top 10 Ways to Run Successful Online Businesses

In this modern times of developing technology, it is a good idea to do business online as the benefits you will get are many. When business is online, you are assured of it being accessed globally, 24/7; there is improved client service through flexibility of the services offered online; you will save on business running costs; less paper waste; and you can manage your business from anywhere. It is a proven fact that, some of the most successful businesses are run online.

Some of the top ideas to run a successful online businesses include:

10. Translate


Due to outsourcing by several companies online, it is a known fact that translators are in demand in the online business world. Whetherthere are deals, negotiation for exports and imports or responding to company mails, there are opportunities online to work as a translator online. One can set remote call centers and Skype or network of freelance websites.

9. Creating Valuable Resources

Creating Valuable Resources

If a site has valuable content, it will automatically be regarded as the most valuable website. Example is YouTube, which holds valuable educational, entertaining and controversial video clips while Facebook has valuable content on millions of users making the to be some of the most valuable website. If you can come up with a website which has valuable resources, you are definitely going to become one of the winners online.

8. Manage Social Media Profiles

Manage Social Media Profiles

Social media is the best target which is eyed by most business owners. Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter, these are some of the social media profiles, which can make a business progress. You can offer your time here and earn online. Engage clients by building attractive social media profiles. Get these jobs on freelance sites.

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7. Create Video

Create Video

Video platform is a good way of venturing into online businesses. You can create videos for target markets and get to earn online. More and more people are spending money using video adverts online so you can capture this.

6. Offer Telemarketing

Offer Telemarketing

To create warm leads and appointments, telemarketing is the best. Many companies are outsourcing marketing thus you can grab this opportunity and do it for them. You can earn around 15- $20 per hour for telemarketing for various companies.

5. Outsource


Setup a business that concentrates on outsourcing. Online service providers are overwhelmed with work until most of them prefer external help to manage it. You can be the extra hand by setting up an outsource company online. Most of the services outsourced include web designing, logo design, e.t.c. Instead of straining, they prefer outsourcing it to some other online people. Outsource and get a profit margin of your choice. Make sure you know how to outsource before venturing into the business.

4. Become A Virtual Assistant

Become A Virtual Assistant

If you want flexibility, a virtual assistant would be the best online business to venture into. You can be able to work with multiple clients, thus enabling you to fill in your free week time and work overtime. Depending on job specifications, a virtual assistant can earn between $15-20 per hour. Some of the tasks requiring virtual assistance include; product listing, research, blogging and responding to emails.

3. Become A Drop Shipper

Become A Drop Shipper

This is similar to running an affiliate store. You are a mediator who doesn’t even see or touch the product. The only thing you need to do is set up systems which will help in automating purchases with drop shipping companies, to eventually be sent to the end user.

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2. Sell on eBay

Sell on eBay

Targeting a niche on eBay,  wherethe profit margin is high and competition is low is not easy. If you can get that chance of importing items, especially the Unbranded ones, you stand  a chance of making huge profit margins online.

1. Start an eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store

Get a fully functional eCommerce store and make money online. You only need a domain and hosting. Your profit will depend on the effectiveness and your marketing methods which include: SEO, networking, Pay per click, event sponsorship, and print media.

With  a good domain and hosting, and some basic skills, get your ideas online and do online business. It is the technology world, you don’t need to have a physical office to start a business, do it online.

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