Top 10 World’s Creepiest Cemeteries that Can Ever Be Found

In this wonderful world, the living ones are not the only things that are given with the rights to enjoy everything it has to offer. In other words, even the dead ones have the place here. This is the main reason why there are a lot of cemeteries that you find in every particular place in this world. In relation to this, here are the top 10 world’s creepiest cemeteries that can ever be found:

10. The Witches’ Graveyard

The Witches' Graveyard

This creepy cemetery is located in the mountainous part of the US state of Tennessee, along the Brotherton Mountain Road. The Witches’ Graveyard is actually just the nickname of the Stamp Cemetery. What made it very creepy are the tent-like rocks slabs where dead bodies are buried under them, and even the headstones that are carved with strange marks and spooky symbols like pentagrams and stars.

9. Chamula Cemetery

Chamula Cemetery

Chamula Cemetery can be located in the township of San Juan Chamula in Mexico, particularly in the Mexican state of Chiapis. It was built way back in the 60’s for the original purpose of a Catholic church. Nevertheless, the full time priest assigned here left causing no any formal mass being held here. Later on, the people decided to make it as a cemetery, which is why you can find a number of rows of a thousand of raised graves here.

8. Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery

When you go to the town of Josefov in the city of Prague in Czech Republic, you can be able to witness right before your eyes the spooky Old Jewish Cemetery. There were already hundreds of spooky stories and mysteries associated in this graveyard. It has been utilized since the early days of the 15th century. What made it creepier is the fact that it is already overcrowded with graves, layers after layers.

7. Saint Louis Cemetery

Saint Louis Cemetery

The Saint Louis Cemetery is composed of 3 Roman Catholic cemeteries that is exactly located in the city of New Orleans in the US state of Louisiana. The longest surviving graveyard is the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1, which was opened to public way back in the 1780’s. This is also the spookiest one amongst the 3 cemeteries. The dead bodies here are buried above the ground through crypts and vaults.

6. La Recoleta Cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery

Even though for a fact that this is a creepy place, La Recoleta Cemetery is one spot in Argentina that is constantly visited by hundreds of brave-hearted tourists from all over the globe. It is particularly nestling in the neighborhood of Recoleta in the city of Buenos Aires. It has neo-classical gates associated with Greek columns, which were famous funerary arts in the 19th and 20th century.

5. Cimitero di San Michele

Cimitero di San Michele

Cimitero di San Michele is a very spooky place located in San Michele Island in the city of Venice in Italy. It was built way back in the 19th century. During that particular time, Napoleonic authorities didn’t allow dead bodies to be buried in the mainland of Venice. Thus, the Cimitero di San Michele came into existence. Even up to this day, this cemetery is still used by the people.

4. Merry Graveyard

Merry Graveyard

The Merry Graveyard’s name was taken from its brilliant creator, who happened to be a famous Romanian wood sculptor. He was none other than Stan loan Patras. He created this particular cemetery in order to have a unique graveyard where the families can carve the picture of the dead in the colorful wooden cross. By just looking at the pictures of the dead people, it can already be creepy to all weak-hearted fellas. Merry Graveyard can be found in the commune of Sapanta in Romania.

3. Gladiator Graveyard

Gladiator Graveyard

The Gladiator Graveyard can be found in the famous city of Ephesus in the beautiful country of Turkey. One thing that made it famous yet a creepy one is the fact that this was exactly where the dead bodies of the people who were killed in the historic gladiator fights during the existence of Roman Empire. A group of archaeologists have found and identified their bodies here.

2. Capuchin Catacombs

Capuchin Catacombs

Capuchin Catacombs is undeniably very creepy graveyard since dead bodies here are being mummified in underground crypts with their regular clothing, instead of burying them underground. This is the common burial practice of the people since the 16th century. This cemetery can be found in Italy, particularly in the city of Polermo in the Italian region of Sicily.

1. Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery

This extremely creepy cemetery can be seen when you go to the city of London in England. It is nestling under the overgrown woodland that measures around 37 acres. The Highgate Cemetery was already existing since the Victorian Era. It is packed with several Victorian symbols such as statues of animals, angels, and famous people during the said time.

These are the top 10 world’s creepiest cemeteries that can ever be found. Seeing these places will surely make you shiver in fright.

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