Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Designer Bottled Waters

Water is a very important thing in the lives of the people all over the globe. Without water, surviving in this world is definitely impossible. This is the main reason why there are so many companies these days that venturing on distributing bottled waters. There’s no way this business would go down since people always need water. The question is, do you know that there are bottled waters that are designed by renowned designers, making them to be expensive compared to the usual bottled waters? To give you ideas about such, here are the top 10 world’s most expensive designer bottled waters that will surely amaze you:

10. AquaDeco, $12

AquaDeco, $12

At the price of $12, the AquaDeco designer bottled water is sold. Aside from the fact that it is a designer’s bottled water, also adds to its expensiveness is the fact that its water comes from the Canada’s untouched glacial springs, which were formed due to the iceage happened 18,000 years in the past. In fact, such bottled water was awarded as the “best non-carbonated spring water”.

9. Christian Lacroix–Evian 2008 Limited Edition, $13.95

Christian Lacroix–Evian 2008 Limited Edition, $13.95

In collaboration with the famous design company known as Christian Lacroix, the French company called Evian is yearly releasing its limited edition designer’s bottled water. One of the most gorgeous and most expensive bottled water ever produced by the company is the  Christian Lacroix, which was sold for $13.95. The bottle was shaped like a doll, and there were only 99 pieces of it sold all over the globe.

 8. Thousand BC, $14

Thousand BC, $14

Each bottle of 10 Thousand BC designer’s bottled water costs $14, and it has 750 ml of water contained into it. With this price, you can surely say that it is for those people who don’t struggle in terms of money. The Coastal Glacier Mountain Range in Canada is the main source of water of the company selling this bottled water, and this adds to the expensiveness of the product.

7. Veen, $23

Veen, $23

The owner of this designer’s bottled water product is a group of friends who were once just talking in a certain place, and eventually thought of venturing into this business. They started with the Veen bottled waters way back in the year 2006, with the price of $23 each Veen designer’s bottle. The water in this bottled water comes from the Finnish Lapland, particularly in the Konisaajo spring.

6. Hawaiian Deep Seawater, $33.5

Hawaiian Deep Seawater, $33.5

The Hawaiian Deep Sea Water is not just a plain bottled water that you can buy in any stores out there since each bottle of it contains some nutrients needed by the body for a healthier condition. The water contained on its bottle comes deep down from the surface of the Pacific Ocean. With that being said, you can really be so sure that it doesn’t contain any pollutants at all.

5. Bling H2O, $40

Bling H2O, $40

Before being released in the public, Bling H2O was originally exclusive for celebrities and athletes. The fresh and pure water of this bottled water is contained in frosted bottles, which are ornamented with several pieces of Swarovski crystals. Its mouth part has a cork just like those of champagne bottles. Thus, it really has a different image of the typical bottled water, making it rational to be expensive, not to mention that it’s created by the renowned Kevin G. Boyd.

4. Hello Kitty Fillico, $100

Hello Kitty Fillico, $100

Fillico is a Japanese company that commemorated the 35th birthday celebration of the famous Japanese animated character, Hello Kitty, through launching the luxury water under the Hello Kity line. Every bottle of the water is ornamented with Swarovski cystals. Every bottle is sold for a whopping price of $100. Can you believe on that? And if you want to engrave your name on it, you need to pay for additional $25.

3. Fillico Bottled Water, $219

Fillico Bottled Water, $219

Another very expensive designer’s bottled water sold by the Japanese company known as Fillico is priced for $219. Of course, what made it very expensive is the beautifully ornamented bottles, apart from its pure fresh water that comes from Osaka, Japan. Its design is like the king and queen in the chess set.Every bottle of it is decorated with several pieces of Swarovski crystals.

2. Kona Nigari Water, $402

Kona Nigari Water, $402

The water contained in every designer’s bottle of the Kona Nigari Water is a desalinated water that comes deep down the surface of the ocean in Hawaii. This designer bottled water is being distributed in Japan for a price of $402 in every bottle. Isn’t that too much for a bottled water. Well, it is not just a plain water anyway, so it’s price somehow deserves it. Reducing the stress in the body, improving the skin tone, and losing some weight are just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed from drinking this water.

1. Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani”, $60,000

Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani”, $60,000

Paolo di Verachi is the renowned designer of this bottled water. All the bottles of the water are hand-made and encrusted with 24-karat gold, and these are enough reasons why it is the most expensive bottled water that can be found in the entire world.

These are the top 10 world’s most expensive designer bottled waters that you might want to know. Truly, their prices are worth more than just a plain bottled water.

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