Top 10 World’s Slowest Moving Animals

All over the world, you can certainly find a number of cute and not so cute animals. Some of them are even already endangered species that it is very rare to find them. Apart from the appearance, they also vary in some other ways like their sizes, their body color, and even how they move. There are those that can run fast, and there are also those that cannot move as quick as the others. In relation to this, here are the top 10 world’s slowest moving animals that you might don’t know yet:

10. Gila Monster

Gila Monster

Gila Monster belongs to the family of lizards. Even so, its size is not that the same with the typical lizards that you might always see. The maximum size that it can have is around 60 cm, while its weight can reach as much as 700 grams. It can be commonly found in the United States, and it is a venomous kind of a lizard. However, there is nothing to fear about it since it is a very slow moving animal. It can only travel 667 cm in every second.

9. Koala Bear

Koala Bear

Who would not know about Koala Bear by the way? It is such an adorable animal, but this is not actually a bear. It belongs to the family of endangered arboreal herbivorous marsupials. But if you are crazy enough to disturb it, you’ll definitely don’t like what it will do to you. You can always see this animal climbing up on trees. Its highest speed being recorded is around 447 cm in every second.

8. American Woodcock

American Woodcock

The American Woodcock is a small-size chunky shorebird, and it is colloquially being called the timberdoodle. This is considered to be the slowest bird that can you can ever see in the entire world. In the northern areas, this bird is known as the harbinger of spring. When it comes to speed, it can only move around 222 cm in every second.

7. Manatee


The other name of Manatee is sea cow, and this is a kind of mammal that can be seen on seas. It is a herbivorous ocean animal that may grow as long as 4 meters, and it can weigh as much as 590 kilograms. Well probably, this is one reason why it is a slow moving animal. It is even seldom to make use of its paddle-like flippers because of its natural laziness. In every second, it can only move around 139 up to 222 cm.

6. Loris


Loris is a kind of primate and it is known for its medium size. It has tennis ball eyes and human-like hands, but strangely long ones. This is why it is considered by many as a horrifying creature. Well, there is no one to blame since it really looks strange, not to mention the fact that it always love to be in the dark because it’s a nocturnal animal. It can move very slow though, for just a speed of 55.5 cm in every second.

5. Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

Well, there is no need more introduction about it since tortoise is well-known for its very slow movement. In fact, it is branded to be the slowest moving animal available on earth. A giant tortoise has very thick legs and heavy shells, and these are the main reasons why it moves so slow for 76 cm in every second. Its lifespan however, can reach as longer as 100 years.

4. Starfish


Well, even though it has a fish on its name, starfish is really not a fish. In the ocean, you can find more or less 2000 species of starfishes. Of course, these starfishes vary when it comes to speed and some other things. Nonetheless, the average speed of starfishes being recorded is around 0.89-2.7 cm in every second. The fastest starfish specie is the sand starfish, but it only moves 4.7 cm in every second.

3. Three-Toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloth

The word “sloth” simply means laziness, but it is not confirmed that the three-toed sloth animal is named this way because of its very slow speed. The other kinds of sloths only have the maximum speed of 3 cm in every second. However, a three-toed sloth is a bit faster than that, which is 6.7 cm in every second. In one long day, this sloth can only go around 5.6 kilometers.

2. Garden Snail

Garden Snail

Garden Snail is commonly being referred to as the terrestrial mollusc. It is called a garden snail since it literally lives on land specially on where many plants are growing. Every trail it passes on can become wet because of the slippery water that it produces from its body. In every second, its maximum speed can only be 1.3 centimeter.

1. Seahorse


Seahorse is of course, not the same with the horse living on land. It is the exact opposite of the land horse when it comes to speed. The highest speed being recorded done by this weird sea creature is around 0.04 centimeter in every second. It is weird because apart from its appearance, it swims with a super erect body.

These are the top 10 world’s slowest moving animals. The slowliness of these animals is definitely an interesting topic.

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