Top 10 World’s Tallest Gorgeous University Clock Towers

Clock towers are very common structures that can be found in major cities in the world like in Europe and in America. As a matter of fact, some of them became one of the most visited tourist spots in these cities. The big question now is, do you know that clock towers are also built in a number of university campuses in the entire world? Well, here are the top 10 world’s tallest gorgeous university clock towers that you might want to see in person:

10. Purdue Bell Tower, 160 Feet

Purdue Bell Tower

The Purdue Bell Tower is standing straight with a height of 160 feet. You can be able to see this beautiful clock tower when you go to the Purdue University campus in the city of West Lafayette in the US state of Indiana. Each side of this tower is built with one big clock. What’s interesting about it is the fact that it has time capsule inside it, and this will be opened this coming 2095.

9. University of Santo Tomas Clock Tower, 169 Feet

University of Santo Tomas Clock Tower

This tall and gorgeous clock tower can be located in the University of Santo Tomas’ main building. This very old university is nestling in the Philippines, particularly on its capital city that is Manila. Adding to the high level of gorgeousness of this clock tower are the 3 surrounding statues, which represent charity, faith, and hope. The tower was built in the early days of 1020s.

8. McGraw Tower, 173 Feet

McGraw Tower

When you go to the municipality of Ithaca in the US state of New York, you can have the chance to see the mesmerizing beauty of the McGraw Tower. It is standing there at the premises of Cornell University. It is very unique compared to the other clock towers in the world because of its Richardsonian Romanesque structure. In this tower, you can see the campus chimes and some rooms intended for different purposes.

7. Old Arts Building, 175 Feet

Old Arts Building

With the Perpendicular Gothic style and some Art Nouveau elements, the Old Arts Building is built with so much spirit of elegance. It can be found in the progressive country of New Zealand, particularly in the University of Auckland.Stones that came from Somers and Oamaru are ornamented on its facades, making its entire appearance more beautiful.

6. Parkinson Building, 187 Feet

Parkinson Building

The beautiful country of England in the United Kingdom is the home of the eye-catching Parkinson Building. It is specifically built in the University of Leeds campus. It is one of the iconic symbols that can be found in the said high standard university. Believe it or not, it took 50 years for its architects to complete its design and building process.

5. Rajabai Clock Tower, 279 Feet

Rajabai Clock Tower

The Rajabai Clock Tower can be found in south part of Mumbai, India particularly in the University of Mumbai. Big Ben in London was the inspiration of building this very tall and breathtaking clock tower. Its design is incorporated with the Gothic and Venetian styles, which greatly add some levels of its appearance. The local Kurla stone was even used in designing it. This clock tower is amongst those beautiful landmarks that can be found within India.

4. Sather Tower, 307 Feet

Sather Tower

The Sather Tower can be found in the University of California in the United States, particularly in the Berkeley campus. This tower is also famously being called “Campanile”. It is built with 61 bells all over its area, and these bells are used in signaling fall and spring semesters.

3. University of Texas Clock Tower, 307 Feet

University of Texas Clock Tower

Another very beautiful and tall clock tower can be found in the University of Texas in the United States of America. This tower has a very unique Beaux Art-style  design, which will surely captivate the attention of the students and the outsiders. Moreover, you can find some bullet holes in this building, which were acquired by the tower in the mass shooting incident way back in the year 1966.

2. Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, 325-362 Feet

Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower – Edgbaston, Great Britain

The University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is the home of this tall and gorgeous clock tower. Its total height is around 325 up to 362 feet. Old Joe is the other name of the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower. Adding to its higher level of beauty is its Renaissance Revival style. Its clock face has the exact measurement of 17.2-foot diameter. It also has a pendulum that has a measurement of 15 feet.

1. Moscow State University Clock Tower, 774 Feet

Moscow State University Clock Tower, 774 Feet

This beautiful clock is the tallest one in the whole world, and this can be found in the powerful country of Russia, particularly in the main building of the renowned Moscow State University. What made this tower more beautiful is its Soviet Classicist style. This clock tower actually has two sub-towers that are both measured 387 feet in height.

These are top 10 world’s tallest gorgeous university clock towers. When you see them in person, you will certainly be amazed by its structure and entire appearance.

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