Top 15 Most Bizarre Drinks That You May Want to Try

Drinks and beverages have a few things in common. They are meant to refresh the drinker or to put him in the mood for something. Some of them are for the health conscious while some, well, just simply taste good. Drinks serve their purpose.

This list will tell you 15 weird drinks that you probably want to try. Trying them out may be a fun experience, you know. Are you ready?

15. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is a strong kind of coffee that comes from the civet cat. When one says that it comes from the civet cat, this means that the cat consumes the coffee seeds and its excrement will contain the coffee seeds – which are then boiled or brewed. It is a popular and rather expensive delicacy in Indonesia, the Philippines, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

14. Un Kono Kuro

Un Kono Kuro

While this is not a kind of coffee like the Kopi Luwak, the Un KonoKuro also comes out of animal dung – particularly the elephant dung. Those who have tried this kind of beer attest that it tastes kind of earthy – a rather tasteful beer that has been processed by the digestive enzymes of the elephant.

13. New Crustacean

New Crustacean

This kind of beer has yeast in it, as do most types of beer. But the yeast from this particular beer actually come from the beard of the manufacturer – John Maier, who does not shave his beard as the yeast in his follicles are used to ferment this rather tasty beer.

12. Bird’s Nest Soda

Bird’s Nest Soda

The Chinese really never run out of ways to make their cuisine tastier – including their drinks. This type of soda uses bird saliva and vomit, taken from caves and trees where the birds nest. When one drinks the soda, a slimy fizzy feel will be palpable within seconds.

11. Gilpin Family Whisky

Gilpin Family Whisky

Coming from London, this whisky is actually one of the tastiest that you will ever sip! Want to know what it is made of? It is made from the finest urine of elderly diabetics in the United KIngdom. The urine is then purified and fermented and used to make this whisky.

10. Snake and Scorpion Wine

Snake and Scorpion Wine

Snake and scorpion wine are popular alcoholic drinks in Southeast Asia – particularly in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. True to its name, a whole black snake or scorpion is included in the fermentation process as the animals are mixed with sugarcane wine or rice wine.

9. Three Lizard Liquor

Three Lizard Liquor

Just like snake and scorpion wine, the Chinese and Vietnamese use lizards and include them – alive – in 75% proof rice wine. The lizards, preferably geckos, must be alive when mixed with the rice wine as gecko body heat produces medicinal benefits when mixed with rice wine.

8. Baby Mice Wine

Baby Mice Wine

This type of beverage is popular in China and in Korea. This type of wine features live baby mice and mixed with rice wine. The hairless, baby mice, are alive when they are submerged in the rice wine and left to ferment for one whole year.

7. Cobra Blood and Bile

Cobra Blood and Bile

Popular in Indonesia, Vietnam, and East Timor, cora blood and bile is extracted from the snake and drank for medicinal use. Alternative doctors claim that cobra blood and bile help remedy digestive problems and pump up a man’s sex life.

6. Chicha de Muko

Chicha de Muko

The people from Central and South America also have a beverage that is quite bizarre. The Chicha de Muko is made up of corn that is chewed by its human maker and made into balls. They say that the human saliva contributes in making the drink more delicious. Or, does it?

5. HoihoiTatea


This popular New Zealand pub drink is well-loved by women and abhorred by men. Why? This is because the drink is made of horse semen! People say that the drink functions like ecstasy – which heightens mood and gives the drinker a surge of energy!

4. Semen Cocktail

Semen Cocktail

This drink comes from the European heartland and is currently a staple now in European pubs and clubs. It is made of human semen and is drank to invigorate mood and energy. The challenge here is that you can get sexually transmitted disease from consuming this drink.

3. Placenta Smoothie

Placenta Smoothie

The placenta refers to the to a soft tissue that is excreted by the woman after childbirth. Due to its health benefits, some people from North America mix placenta with salads, mashed potatoes, and even drinks and beverages to make it more palatable.

2. Seagull Wine

Seagull Wine

The Inuits of the Arctic region kill seagulls and then place them inside a bottle with water and alcohol. The bottle is exposed to sunshine and fermented for several months. It is then drank like any other beverage.

1. Bull Testicle Beer

Bull Testicle Beer

This beverage is popular in the rockies of the United States, particularly Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Bull testicle is mixed with wine and fermented for almost a year. It is then drank and hopefully, enjoyed.

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