Top 20 Bicycle Friendly Cities in The World

Peddling is the easiest way to move from place to place like work, school and even visiting friends. This comes in handy, especially in cities which are clogged with cars. Also, cities which have an extensive bike structure attract people to use bikes.

Here are the top 20 bicycle friendly cities in the world

20. Montreal in Canada

Montreal in Canada

Montreal has an excellent bike infrastructure which has encouraged its citizens to cycle. According to Copenhagenize , the city has lots of work to do which include better winter maintenance and create a broad vision for the future of cycling in the city.

19. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Bikes are the primary form of transportation in Hamburg. A number of people use this mode of transport as their main transport. The problem arises due to the weird infrastructure that alternates between sidewalks and roads without a logic. It is the hope of the city that, by 2030, 25% of all transportation use will be of bikes.

18. Minneapolis, USA

Minneapolis, USA

It is a city with wintery weather which is far from hospitable cyclists, yet, it has a number of bikes. It has a decent bike share system with over 118 miles of bikeways on the street.

17. Paris, France

Paris, France

Bikes makes up to 8% of all transportation in Paris. The mayor has promised to make the city of Paris as one of the best biking city in the world by the year 2020.

16. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

The cityhas a wide network of tracks for cycles all around the city centerr. It is a known great city when it comes to cycling as it is one of the world which is high on cycling. Cycling is a mainstream activity and not just a subculture for enthusiasts.

15. Dublin Ireland

Dublin Ireland

Dublin had a population of 7.6% of residents using bicycles by the year 2015. The preferred bicycle riding as their most preferred means of transport as compared to other modes of transportation. Dublin has a hihg bike share system, but its infrastructure is still very low.

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the past 3 years, Buenos Aires has added more miles to its cyclist infrastructure, more than 87%. Though there is an increase, not every bike lane is perfect. There are some which are bidirectional, narrow with long stretches. The good thing is, they are on their way to becoming a force to reckon in bicycle population.

13. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This city started building cycle tracks in the 1960s and 1970s. Currently, bikes make a total of 12% of all transportation in the city.

12. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

In this city, 15% of total traffic comes from bicycles with over a half a million cyclists every day. Their infrastructure is a bit rough around the edges.

11. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

There is an extensive bike infrastructure and a bike share system in Barcelona.  It has a system which is one of the best in the world with an average index of 10.8 trips of cycling of bikes  per day.

10. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

In Spain,Seville is the best biking city of them all. It also has an increased number of cyclists on the road which has dramatically happened in the last few years as the number of bikes has increased tremendously. The negative is only on its infrastructure, where little or no improvement is witnessed.

9. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

It has a top notch in bike parking mostly when it comes to train stations. The city also boasts of a strong bike share system. There is a danger of a decrease in the number of bikes, as most politicians are talking of reducing the number of bikes and increasing the number of cars on the road.

8. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France

The city has invested heavily in bike facilities and a number of bikes includes bike share service which is referred to as VCub. The city invested in trams thus reducing on the number of cars on the road, thus no traffic and more accessible to cyclists.

7. Nantes, France

Nantes, France

The city is a car free and has a strong infrastructure. Cycling boosts the means of moving from one place to another  within the city.

6. Malmo Sweden

Malmo Sweden

It has improved parking facility for cyclists, a strong infrastructure and a campaign to reduce reliance on cars. it is one of the top bicycle friendly cities in the world.

5. Eindhoven, in Netherlands

Eindhoven, in Netherlands

It has a comprehensive bike infrastructure and an impressive roundabout which is known as Hovenring which has gained lots of media attention in recent years. It is a great cycling city.

4. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

It is a great city which boasts of 333 bike miles route in the entire metro area. It has a bike share system which offers both long term and short term rentals. When you visit France, be sure to visit this great city.

3. Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, Netherlands

It is one of the top cities for cyclist which has a modern parking facility for cyclist that boasts to be the largest in the world. It has a capacity of 12,500 bikes. Its lengthy stretches makes it not to be ideal for biking long distances.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is believed that, when you visit Amsterdam in Netherlands, you will come across more bicycles that the human population. It is a friendly city which is also friendly to bikers due to its extensive infrastructure.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the most likeable city when it comes to biking. All over the world, you will be hard pressed to get a city which is better than Copenhagen in terms of cycling friendly. It is one city where they constantly invest in new infrastructures for cyclists.

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