Warning: 10 Fatal Diseases Caused By Smoking

“Health is wealth” is an often quoted proverb that means that if you have health than only you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of life. And no one wants to be unhealthy if it comes to wealth. You have also heard that “smoking is injurious to health”. It is the major cause of diseases and even death of many people living in the world. So why people keep on smoking?

Cigarette contain various drugs that causes a sensation of pleasures for the smokers. That is why people became addict of it and cannot quit smoking. But smoking is very hazardous to health as the smoke of the cigarette contains more than seven thousand chemicals that may cause the ill health. It contains Tar, Carbon monoxide, Nicotine ammonia, arsenic and many other harmful chemicals that can cause serious health problems for you and also for others that inhale the smoke of the cigarette from the air.

However, nothing is more important than your health. Have a check at the diseases that are caused by smoking.

#1. Lung Cancer: smoking causes the most severe diseases that can cause even death of a person. The specialists and doctor believe that smoking causes the lung cancer that damage the cells of the lungs. The smoke of the cigarette contains carcinogenic substances that causes the unevenness in the lining of the lung’s tissues and they start to act abnormally. And as a result, it causes the cancer of the lungs.

#2. Chronic Heart Diseases: almost every organ of the body is affected by smoking. But the worst effected is the heart. Smoking can cause the blockage and contraction of the arteries and veins of the heart, ultimately causes the deficient supply of blood to the heart. This will ultimately cause the heart failure, angina and other cardiovascular problems.

#3. Asthma: the chronic lung disease, Asthma, can also be caused by smoking. In this disease, the person feels difficult to inhale and exhale air into the lungs. That causes the difficulty in breathing. The smoking causes the severe asthma attacks as cigarette smoke irritates the passage of air into the lungs.

#4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): the lung disease that makes difficult for one to breathe. This disease can cause the long term disability of other organs and also the sudden death. About 80 % of the COPD is caused by cigarette smoking.

#5. Diabetes: the second most common disease in the world, diabetes, can also be caused by smoking. The smokers are more likely to get the type 2 diabetes than the persons who do not smoke. Indirectly the diabetes can also cause several related diseases like kidney diseases, hypertension etc.

#6. Bronchitis: it is the inflammation of the bronchitis’ tubes that extends from the lungs and are used to carry oxygen to and from the lungs. Chronic bronchitis is the long term disease that is commonly caused by the cigarette smoke. There is still no cure for chronic bronchitis but medication can definitely relieve the symptoms of the disease.

#7. Emphysema: it is not a single disease but it is a group of diseases that cause the blockage of the air sacs and lungs that makes you the short of breath. Cigarette smoke causes the emphysema by destroying the tissues of the lungs and also it destroys the functioning of the lungs causing inflammation and irritation.

#8. Macular degradation: the disease is caused by excessive smoking that results ultimately in the loss of sense sight and gradual blindness. Smoking affects the blood flow towards the eyes and also causes other eyes’ conditions.

#9. Dozens of cancers: smoking causes numerous kinds of cancers including: colon, liver, mouth, throat, bladder and many more that will cause the death of the person for sure.

#10. Atherosclerosis: it is the hardening of the arteries and veins of the body which is mostly caused by the deposition of the fats and cholesterol and also the plaque which is produced in a considerable amount by smoking. It also initiates many other diseases like heart diseases, stroke etc.

Smoking also worsens many other diseases that may not be caused by it. So to avoid such harmful diseases one must avoid smoking.

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