World’s 10 Fascinating and Unique Elevators

Elevators are a common thing that we use basically every day and nothing in it holds our special attention. However, these extraordinary elevators from all over the globe, with their architecture and locations clubbed could leave you simply awestruck. Take a look at world’s ten fascinating and unique elevators.

I bet that you will question back, “are you sure”?

10. AquaDom


The AquaDom is located at the Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin-Mitte, Germany and is a Berlin Sea Life Centre attraction. This transparent elevator is built in the centre of an 82 ft. tall aquarium. The Aquadom is the world’s largest cylindrical tank, containing about 260,000 gallons of seawater and housing more than 1,500fishes belonging to 97 species. These sea animals are fed about 18 pounds of food daily by three to four divers. The aquarium is secured with acrylic glass.

9. Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk Wheel

The list of amazing elevators is incomplete without a mention of the Falkirk Wheel. Named after the nearby town of Falkirk, this lift started operating in 2002, inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth as a part of her golden jubilee revelry. This is a one-of-a-kind elevator in Falkirk, Scotland. This rotating boat lift joins the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal, and transporting boats between them. Yes, you read it right. It is not for people crawling in on board. The boats are moved between the two canals that are 79 feet apart in height. The Falkirk Wheel is turned by 10 hydraulic motors. The Falkirk Wheel is the world’s only rotating boat lift of its kind, and along with the Anderton Boat lift forms the only working boat lifts in the United Kingdom.

8. The Bailong Elevator

The Bailong Elevator

The Bailong elevator is a glass elevator built on the side of a huge cliff in China in the Wulingyuan area. It took three years for its construction to be completed before It was opened for public use in 2002. This high lift at a height of 1,070 feet is claimed to be the heaviest and highest outdoor elevator in the world. It found its way into the Guiness Book of World Records as the tallest outdoor lift, in July 2015. However, the environmental concerns (as the Wulingyuan area is a World Heritage spot) and the safety concerns associated with this structure is quite a controversial topic.

7. Rising Tide Elevator

Rising Tide Elevator

The Rising Tide Elevator is located in the MS Oasis of the Seas, which is deemed to be the largest cruise ship in the world. The only elevator, to house a bar within, it joins the Central Park on deck 8 of the ship to its Royal Promenade on deck 5. The Rising Tide has a capacity of 35 passengers and a trip in the elevator lasts for 8 minutes. Guests can board this slow moving elevator on either deck to ride and have a little party within.

6The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch

A 630-foot monumental wonder in St. Louis, Missouri, built in the form of an arch and clad in steel, is the Gateway Arch. It is reputed to be United States’ tallest man-made monument and the world’s tallest arch. A tram ride gets passengers to the top of the arch. Each tram is made up of a chain of eight egg-shaped compartments. Each compartment can carry four or five passengers during one ride. The trip to the top of the arch is completed in four minutes.

5. Lloyd’s Building Elevator

Lloyd’s Building Elevator

The Lloyd’s Building, also known as the Inside-Out Building has a surprising architectural design, with power conduits, water pipes and staircases all on the outside for the maximal utilisation of the space in the interior. It has 12 glass elevators located outside as well. The lifts carry people up and down providing the view of the City of London, London’s main financial district.

4. Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator

Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator

The Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator, at the infamous Victoria Museum, is North America’s oldest continuously operating Birdcage elevator. The Provincial Law Courts were once upon a time housed by this museum. During a renovation of the place in 1899, Francis Rattenbury, the famous architect of the time, made plans to install this Birdcage elevator for the second Chief Justice Theodore Davie, of the British Columbian Supreme Courts. Unfortunately, however, owing to ill health due to advanced heart disease, Davie passed away before being able to ride in it. The gold exterior and blue grill work of the Birdcage have been maintained in proper working condition for over a hundred years.

3. Globen SkyView

Globen SkyView

The Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden is world’s largest hemispherical building. With a height of 279 feet and a diameter of 361 feet, this massive infrastructure houses one of the most extraordinary elevators. On the external side of the globe, there are SkyView glass gondolas that passengers can ride for a 20 min trip to the top of the globe. The SkyView, living up to its name, gives an amazing view of the skyline from within this exquisite architecture.

2. Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator

Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator

These Japanese elevators situated in the Umeda Hankyu Building in Osaka, cover an area of 11.15 x 9.2 feet and can accommodate 80 passengers, approximating 5tons of weight at a time.  The reason justifying these elevators occupying such a huge space is that the offices in the building are all located above the 15th floor and considering a large number of office goers riding it together, it seems like a necessity.

1. Louvre Elevator

Louvre Elevator

This open topped, one of its kind elevator is built on a futuristic design and can be found at the Louvre museum in Paris, France. Guests at the museum can step on board onto the sidewalk, when the platform is at rest and thus can be transported in and out of the place with ease. The system is built keeping in mind the comfort of disabled people and is a commendable work of art. The platform lift is encased within a spiral sculpture and descends to architect I.M. Pei’s renowned glass pyramid to the Louvre museum’s central entrance.

So next time you think elevators are simply to take you from one storey to the other, think again! Some are pure joyrides, some are scary and some could simply take your breath away!

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