Top 10 Best Luke Bryan Songs – Amazing Country Ballads

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Luke Bryan is an American country music singer and songwriter. He started his music career by writing songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. Then, he signed with Capitol Nashville in 2007, launching his singing career. Best Luke Bryan songs are honest, easy-to-digest observations of life and love, with a lot of his boyish personality added to the mix.

Luke Bryan is an absolute original country singer. He is able to turn a goofy story into a great song you cannot wait to hear again and again.

So far, he has released six albums and shows no signs of slowing down. He has more than enough singles and memorable tracks.

He remains one of the most popular American Idol judges of all time. So far, he has sold more than 8.3 million albums throughout his career. And he has a net worth of $140 million.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Luke Bryan singles. He started his country music career with the single All My Friends Say in 2007. More than 14 years later, he has more than 22 Number 1 country song hits.

Drink A Beer

drink beer

You might think this is a party hard line. But the title is deceptive. This gorgeous ballad shows him in his vulnerable state. When he closes his eyes and croons about sitting on a pier, watching the sunset, and raising a glass to a recently deceased loved one.

Bryan didn’t write this song. Jim Beavers and Chris Stapleton did it for him. But he turned the story into a must-listen hit.

In this song, he opens his heart in a way that even his biggest critics will love him.

Do I?

do i

Some fans will tell you Do I helped Bryan’s career in a big way. It is a bit controversial Luke Bryan song. Several ballads and love songs are better than it.

But we have to put the king of party anthems on the list. If not for anything else, but because it has a serious side as well. When Luke Bryan sits at the piano and plays this song, the packed stadium crowd goes crazy.

This country song was the lead single for his 2009 Doin’ My Thing album. In it, he sings poetically about the insecurities that can come later in a relationship.

During this song, Bryan hits some of the highest notes of his repertoire. And that is not a small thing to say.

Crash My Party

crash my party

You can say most of the best Luke Bryan songs and titles include the word party or something about a party. But Luke Bryan is a country singer that can touch your heart in ways others cannot.

This song was the top-selling LP of all genres in 2013. Crash My Party was the lead song on the LP. In the song, Bryan sings about how he reached out to his ex who broke up with him for no particular reason.

And then he signs about making him cancel front row seats for a concert and other plans. The song premiered at the 2013 ACM Awards, peaking at No.1 soon after. And then it remained the country music’s 4th biggest hit of the year.

Drunk on You

drunk on you

Luke Bryan is one of the few singers in the world of country music that can sing about drinking and love in the same song. This one, coming from his third album, Tailgates and Tanlines, hit all the emotional sweet spots.

The song sings about dreaming about the perfect summer night. You have everything there, parties by the lake, skinny dipping, dancing in the moonlight, and everything else you would dream of doing.

You might think this song is an anthem for the 20-something, but it has a much broader appeal.

Country Girl

country girl

Here is the catchiest song in Luke Bryan career. Following this song, his career really took off. Country Girl peaked in the Top 5 hot country songs, and the rest is history.

Bryan performed the song at the CMT Music Awards and other national showcases. And that is how the country caught up with him. You can say that lyrically and sonically, this song will remain his signature track.

Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day


Think of this song as a Southern boy anthem. It brings listeners into the life and world where he grew up with. Remember, the country superstar is a Southern man. That is why his supporters and fans can relate to the song.

He wrote this song along with the Peach Pickers. In 2016, the song reached the Number 1 spot on the Billboard Country Airplay charts as his 14th Number 1 hit.

I Don’t Want This Night to End

dont wannt

This is a thought we all have at a certain point in our lives, right? That is why fans can easily relate to the song. It was the second single from his massive Tailgates and Tanlines LP. It strikes a romantic chord with its lyrics, singing about a magical first date.

The song was his third Number 1 single, reaching the top of Country Airplay charts in February 2012.

All My Friends Say

all friends

This is among his first songs. He introduced himself with the song in 2007. Back in the day, a lot of people viewed him as a party animal.

But his fans know he can rock it and sing love songs simultaneously. Luke Bryan is one of the few country singers that can rock you and bring you down to your sentimental side at the same time.

His first single remains one of his best because it strikes that perfect balance.

Knockin’ Boots


The country artist returned to the Top 10 of Country Airplay Charts in 2019 with this song. It was his 28th top 10 country hit. According to reports, the song made him the 15th artist with such a total of Number 10 country hits.

Fans quickly supported it. And when the video for the song came just after a few months following the release, fans loved it even more.

We Rode in Trucks


This is the second single of his career. In the song, Bryan sings about his favorite way of getting around. Remember, he is a Southern man. And during his childhood and teenage years, he toured through the small-town life with his pickup truck.

The song brings back memories of the good old times. But it also shines a candle to the hard work and hard living of Southern life.

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