Fan Favorite Chowder Characters – Get To Know Them

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Chowder is an American animated series created by Cartoon Network Studious. It began in November 2007 and ran for three seasons. The series produced a total of 49 episodes until its end in 2010. During that time, we met a few Chowder characters. The series follows the daily life of Chowder, a young chef student.

Chowder wants to learn and become a chew while learning under the guidance of Mung Daal. He works for his catering company and often during the American animated television series, Chowder finds himself in an unusual dilemma. Here are some of the main and popular cartoon characters.



We have to start with the main character of the series, Chowder himself. He is a purple chubby cat mix with purple hair and a purple outfit. Creators of the show say he is part cat, bear, and rabbit. Nicky Jones voices the main Chowder character.

He enjoys eating and cooking. He is a great worker, but he is also emotional and sensitive. Sometimes, Chowder eats the meals of his customers. He calls Mung Daal papa, showing his love for a father. By the end of the series, Chowder takes over the catering business and hires his own apprentice.

In the show, Chowder has the personality of a sweet, innocent, and impulsive child. He is friendly and has a passion for everything in the kitchen.

Mung Daal

mung daal

He is the owner and head chef of the Catering company. He is your typical kind and friendly person boss. He shows a lot of patience for his apprentice. Yet, he has a limit, and Chowder often goes beyond that limit.

Mung takes pride in his skills as the head chef of Mung Daal’s Catering Company. His attitude is somewhere between humble and boastful.

Chef Mung Daal doesn’t want to be challenged, especially about his skills in the kitchen. He is married but takes great delight in impressing other women. During the show, he claims he is a ladies man. But that statement often blows up in his face in humorous ways. One of the jokes during the show is his ability to do squats to impress women. Despite everything, he maintains his loyalty to Truffles.

As for his appearance, he is proud of his mustache. Mung Daal has blue skin, a large nose, white hair, and bushy eyebrows.

Ms. Endive


Endive is another great chef and the main antagonist of the series. Panini is her young apprentice. Ms. Endive is a pastry chef, making a lot of baked goods and desserts. She has fostered feelings for legendary chef Mung Daal.

She and Mung are rivals, and she always bests him in everything. They despise each other and constantly argue.

Her character remained constant throughout the initial development. One of the running gags in the series is mocking her size. For example, Chowder ascends her back using mountaineering gear.



This guy is a mammoth-like storekeeper, selling fruit and other products. He often tries to give Chowder the best advice. Living with his unseen mother, Gazpacho shows no interest in moving out and improving his own life. And that is despite his controlling mother.

When he is depressed, he loves to soak in a pickle barrel. At some points during the show, he becomes a comedian, even performing at a stand-up comedy.



Acting as Chowder’s pet, Kimchi first appeared in The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin episode. He is a stink cloud, but Chowder characters refer to him and see him as a fart. And that is because of his speech, odor, and appearance.

Due to his smell, few characters want to be near him. Only Chowder doesn’t mind it, as he got used to it over the years. The show’s creator, C.H. Greenblatt voices Kimchi.

Both Kimchi and Chowder consider each other best friends. Kimchi is often anxious when Chowder is gone for a longer period of time. They often play games together. His style of speech consists of a varied range of flatulent sounds.



Truffles is the cashier of the catering company. She is also the bossy and mean-spirited Mung Daal’s wife. In some episodes, she is way mean and frightening. Many characters fear her.

The short and pudgy mushroom pixie sprite has small wings, purple hair, and emerald green eyes. She wears a green dress, huge glasses, and a mushroom hat.

According to her, she was much more gorgeous in her early adult years. While she appears cold towards everyone, she loves them and deeply cares for her husband.

Mung’s wife also cares for Shnitzel, as she aids in his rescue. While she says she will kill Chowder every day, the cashier has a deep affection for the main character of the show.



The young cute girl is another main character in the series. Panini serves as apprentice to Ms. Endive and has a huge crush on Chowder. During the show, she tries to get closer to him, despite him not wanting anything more than friendship.

But by the end of the show, the two end up together and she becomes Chowder’s girlfriend. The pink-furred cat-bear-rabbit has her ears tied like pigtails or a ponytail. Her regular outfit includes a sleeveless yellow dress with light green polka-dots and a light green heart in the middle of the dress.

She is very loyal and obedient to Ms. Endive. In some cases, she looks like a soulless robot who cannot think independently. Some would say she has no free will. Sometimes, her actions even hurt Chowder, the man she loves.



He is an employee in the Mung Daal Catering Company. He is underpaid and has to endure the daily shenanigans of Chowder, his boss’s apprentice. He often questions Chowder’s and his boss’s behavior.

In the series, he is a rock monster wearing a plain white apron and different pairs of underpants. He has appeared in all but four episodes.

He hates cleaning up messes, especially Chowder’s antics. Sadly, that is part of his daily routine. And he doesn’t look forward to working with Chowder.



He is a green rat-shaped candleholder with a brown shirt and a green candle on top of his head. He is often jealous of Chowder because the fan-favorite character has a better job at the catering company. Yet, he works in a team if needed. Gorgonzola is the chef apprentice to Stilton.

During the series, he constantly tries to earn money and will stop at nothing to get more of it. During his free time, he loves to play Sniffleball.

Because of his obsession with Chowder, the two often get into conflicts and arguments.



This guy is a dancer and the young apprentice of Pate. He is fairly easygoing. Ceviche has a crush on Panini, but she doesn’t love him back. Yet, he follows her around and does whatever she says.

The yellow goat is actually her good friend.

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