Big Booty Models – The Curvaceous Models You Need To Know About

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Having a big butt is something to be proud of. These days, a big butt is something great. For decades, women have been trying to get skinnier. But in the past several years, we have seen a rise of big booty models, curvaceous women, and apple-bottomed celebrities take over social media. They have helped to popularize the big booty as a desired feature.

Gone are the years we watched stick-thin models walk down the catwalks. The world is ready to embrace curves again. We are now back to the era of Marilyn Monroe when a curvaceous body was something great.

And as you know, Instagram and social media are the first in line in promoting big booty models. Today, we will take a look at some of the most famous Instagram models with a big butt.

Jessica Kylie


Jessica might be one of the most underrated models on Instagram. She grew up in Houston, Texas. Kylie is of Irish and Latin descent. Her official website states “a culturally diverse, curvaceous bombshell”. And that is exactly what you get.

She goes by the name of Miss Rabbit and has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. She is featured in many magazines and graces the covers of some of the sexiest magazines.

Marcia Meade


Marcia is from New Jersey. She grew up training technically at the Dance Theatre of Harlem. She is now a certified pilates instructor from Obe Fitness. Marcia is one of the best examples that you do not need to lift heavy weights to get a big butt.

She goes by the name Chocolate Princess, and we absolutely love her online name.

Kim Kardashian


We cannot have a list of women with a big butt without including Kim Kardashian. She is the OG big-butt model. And she doesn’t mind posting photos of her big-sized butt on her Instagram account.

Brittany Renner


Brittany is a fitness model and Instagram personality. Born in February 1992, she attended Jackson State University. Later on, she moved to Los Angeles where she made a name for herself.

On Instagram, she has more than 1.5 million followers. Brittany is the one who started the hashtag #FitThickArmy, referring to her toned abs and bountiful backside. Renner is an active fitness model, often providing health, nutritional, and exercise tips for her fanbase.

Brittany also has an application on iTunes that helps people with diet and workout plans.

Sivan Fagan


Sivan is an ACE-certified personal trainer from Baltimore. Many people call her a booty genius. Her Instagram profile, Strong with Sivan is where you can find fitness tips and workout ideas.

Sivan says, “Fitness is meant to enhance your life, not take away from your quality of life. Exercise is a healthy outlet, not a punishment for food sins”.

Her workout plan helps clients incorporate foods they love while losing fat and gaining muscle. Sivan practices resistance training, as she believes it is the best for chasing performance-based goals.

Nicki Minaj


Speaking about celebs with curves, Nicki is the one to follow. She is more of a rapper than a model, but who cares. Recently, for her 39th birthday, Nicki Minaj posted a completely nude photo on her Instagram account. And fans went nuts.

Suzie B


If you want a killer booty workout, you should visit her profile. Suzie B Fitness is a woman-owned brand in Akron, Ohio. Suzie started her business with a passion for fitness and a goal to inspire women to work out and feel stronger.

Over the years, she has expanded her business to include fitness accessories as well.

Alejandra Gil


Alejandra is a fitness model from Colombia. She gained fame by posting exercise videos and selfie pictures on Instagram. The Colombia model has more than 1.2 million followers.

You can see her in several steamy video spots for World Star Hip Hop. She is definitely not afraid of showing off her body.

You can also see her YouTube channel for some YouTube videos on dancing and exercise.

Mizz Twerksum

mixx twerk

Mizz is one-half of the famous duo Twerk Team. As a professional booty shaker, Mizz has many videos that hit millions of views on YouTube.

You can even book her or the Twerk Team for your party or event. Mizz has 1 million followers on Instagram. There, she posts videos of her booty. She calls herself Queen Of Twerk, and we cannot argue with that.

Nikki Blackketter

nikki black

Nikki is a Gym Shark athlete and brand ambassador. She definitely works out a lot. If you admire women with a lot of muscle, you have to check her profile.

Ana Cheri

ana cheri

Owner of the activewear brand, Cheri Fit, Ana is an American model and social media personality. She has a net worth of more than $5 million. As a fitness model, she worked with K&N Fitness, Monster Energy, Ultimate Armwrestling League, and more. She is also a brand ambassador for Shredz.

The American model has recently started working with her husband Ben on Be More Athletics. Their gym is located in Santa Ana California.

Mulher Melancia (Andressa Soares)


Andressa Soares is more popular by her stage name. Some also call her the Watermelon Woman. She is a Brazilian native dancer, singer, and model. Andressa has graced the cover of Playboy multiple times. That is all the proof you need she is among the most famous big booty models.

In a documentary for VICE, Mulher claimed she had the biggest ass in Brazil. Whether that is true or not, we cannot argue that her butt is impressive.

Gracyanne Barbosa


Gracyanne is another Brazilian model. She is also a samba dancer and a smoking hot girl who attended law school before starting a career as a dancer.

Barbosa is one of the most famous models and performers during the Rio Carnival and Sao Paulo Carnival. She has appeared on the cover of Brazilian Playboy.

In 2012, she posted a video of squatting with weights amounting to an incredible 450lbs. And of course, that video and photos went viral.

Jen Selter


You cannot make a list of the best big butts without Jen Selter. Her name is synonymous with popular butts on social media.

Selter has more than 9 million Instagram followers, making her one of the most famous Instagram models. She is always working out in her videos, and almost always in yoga pants and tight-fitting gear.

Krissy Cela


Krissy is the creator of Tone and Sculpt applications. There, she shares her crazy-intense moves with a lot of butt action.

In 2019, she organized her first fitness event. The fit tech entrepreneur has a global audience with more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Her global fitness app for women has a community of more than 100,000 women around the world.

Eva Andressa


We have another Brazilian fitness model on this list. And it is only logical. After all, Brazilian girls are among the most beautiful in the world. Her toned booty makes her popular on social media. Eva has more than 9 million fans on Facebook and 3 million followers on Instagram.

During her fitness career, she has won several titles and always graces magazine covers with her abs and fabulous rear end.

Athletica Nutrition is now her sponsor.

Kathy Bentley


We know little about this woman with more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Kathy is your typical Miami beach girl with long hair, tanned skin, and a classic hourglass figure.

The curvy Cuban model is among the most photoshopped and memed women online.

Chontel Duncan


Let’s finish off our list of Instagram models with big butt with Chontel. She is a great example that you can have a big butt following a vegetarian diet. Duncan varies between pescatarian and vegetarian diet every so often.

She trains as hard as anyone. Her workout videos are mostly about HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Muay Thai, or strength work.

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