Melissa Barrera’s Sexy Photos – Getting To Know The New Netflix Star

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Born in July 1990, Melissa Barrera Martinez is a Mexican actress and singer. Her career began with roles in telenovelas. In 2013, she starred in Siempretuya Acapulco, and in 2015, she starred in the Tanto Amor telenovela. Melissa’s career took a turn toward popularity in 2017, when she starred in the Netflix produced series, Club de Cuervos.

In 2018, Barrera gained further recognition for her lead role in the Starz drama series, Vida. In the musical drama film In The Heights, Barrera portrayed Vanessa and shined in the role. In 2020, Melissa is scheduled to appear in the upcoming slasher horror film Scream.

Early Life and Career

Melissa attended the American School Foundation of Monterrey. There, she appeared in the school’s musical productions. This is where she actually started her music career.

Her television debut came on the Mexican reality show La Academia in 2011. There, she showed off her talent for singing. And in 2013, she was part of the duet Melissa y Sebastian. She recorded her first album and had her first top ten radio hit with the first single, Mamma Maria.

Using her popularity as a singer, Melissa appeared in telenovelas. Even before she appeared in a telenovela, she appeared in the movie L for Leisure while still in college in 2010.

Barrera’s career took a turn for the stars in 2021 when she starred as Vanessa, an aspiring fashion designer and love interest of the narrator, Usnavi, in the musical In The Heights. It is an adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s stage musical. The movie earned widespread critical acclaim. Her upbeat salsa anthem, It Won’t Be Too Long, was cited as one of the more underrated sequences of the movie.

She was also cast in a musical film adaptation of the Frank Wildhorn musical based on the novella Carmen. She got the title role.

In February 2019, she married her long-time boyfriend, musical artist Paco Zazueta. They met on the set of La Academia in 2011 and performed a rendition of Enrique Iglesias Cuando Me Enamoro for the fourth episode. In September of 2011, they started dating. In June 2017, they announced their engagement via Instagram.

Melissa Barrera Bikini

Photo: instagram.comv

When we talk about Melissa Barrera’s sexy photos, we have to take a look at her tiny bikini shots. Luckily, Melissa is a girl who doesn’t mind sharing some personal photos on her social media accounts. This photo comes from her Instagram account where she shared some holiday photos.

Huge Cleavage


Barrera is among the celebrities in Hollywood with particularly big cleavage. And when she wants to put more emphasis on her sexy natural breasts, a dress like this one will do the trick. The hot Mexican actress is only at the beginning of her Hollywood career. Expect big things from her.

Sexy Melissa


Sometimes, a sexy photo can come from a fun evening. Here, we see the Mexican actress and her attempt to catch an M&M with her mouth. Well, we all have our ways to have fun in the evenings, right?

In The Heights Premiere


For the premiere of In The Heights, Melissa opted for a green dress. And there is a special reason for it. It is a callback to her character, Vanessa’s The Club Dress. And it definitely looks sexy on the Mexican actress.

Melissa Barrera Underwear


here is another Melissa Barrera sexy photo of her in lingerie and underwear. We saw some Melissa Barrera bikini exclusive photos, but let’s enjoy her private photos again. This lady has no problem showing her sexy body to the public and fans.

The New Kid On The Block


Some critics in Hollywood consider Melissa the new kid on the block. And that is definitely a suitable description. This woman will win a big award in the future for sure. In the meantime, we can enjoy some Melissa Barrera’s new sexy photos.

Colorful Dress


Melissa is of Mexican descent. And we know Latino women look amazing in colorful dresses. Barrera is no exception to this rule. Just look how hot she looks in this rather usual and simple dress.

Fashion Photoshoot


As a famous Hollywood actress, Melissa has to do photoshoots every now and then. But you can see the camera loves her. She has everything she needs to flirt with the camera. Even when she wears something as simple as a shirt and denim jeans, Melissa looks amazing. Not many women can say that.

Business Casual


Here is another photo from a professional photoshoot. This one proves that Melissa is one of the hottest new actresses. She can pull off any look. Do you want an office business casual look? Or a sexy dress? Barrera can pull them both. And anything else photographers ask of her.

The Smile


Following her successful appearance in In the Heights, Melissa was chosen to be a Clinique ambassador. And she is just getting started. Her beauty definitely comes from that amazing smile.

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